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Whail Guru: Dust (CD, 73:38); Suspended Slate Records, susp cd 002, 2000 
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10 words or less: English Trance artist. 
Elaboration: Hmmm... I remember when I was a little kid and heard the 
soundtrack to 'Battlestar Galactica' by Giorgio Moroder and I begged my 
Grandmother to buy it for me... go ahead, laugh but for a little kid this 
stuff was cool; synthesized sound effects over a steady Disco drum beat... 
wow!!! Well, things haven't changed much since then. I still have a side of 
me that can appreciate this style of music. Now they call it Trance... ok, 
whatever; it's basically still the same as that Giorgio Moroder album Granno 
bought for me over 20 years ago. I like this stuff and if you like The Future 
Sound of London and The Orb then you will probably like Whail Guru. If you 
like the ensemble type bands creating the more progressive style of 
psychedelic trancelike music such as Ozric Tentacles and Ship of Fools then 
you'll most likely find Whail Guru a bit monotonous. ~ L. Perez

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