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Vendetta: self-titled (CD, 33:55); independent release, 1998
P.O.Box 2291
Montebello, CA 90640
Phone: 213 833-0455
E-mail: Info@vendettarocks.com 
Cyberhome: http://www.vendettarocks.com

	Well this is nigh unto progressive metal rock but leans more towards metal rock in that 
Queensryche or Savatage vein. Guitars and synth unison parts lean close to prog metal but vocals 
and song compositions fall short of a solid progressive niche. Even the ballads are but slower 
versions of middle-of-the-road shred rock. Touching, hearfelt, working-through-loss lyrics but not 
progressive nor fusion. On "Out of the Streets" I heard that typical David Chastain or Leather 
sound with decent guitar chops and synth riffs. All parts were pulled off slickly  and Yngwie 
Malmsteen-heavy but nothing here made me think, "Wow, this is excellent." It is pure metal rock, 
guitar and key-driven rock with standard metal band vocals. Jeff Thompson's voice is quite strong 
but not singularly unique -- alas, styled as so many, many other lead vocalists.
	To make a big splash in this dog-eat-dog industry you need to break preset boundaries and 
mindsets. Pretty rock ballads, nice keys, poignant guitar leads, steady bass and drums -- and yes, 
operatic, affected passionate vocals are all here in Vendetta full force but . . . It lends itself quickly 
to that slot that hundreds of similar bands have already trodden under foot.
	Only the final 7:30 instrumental track, "Hence the Choice", made my ears at last perk up 
and take extra notice. In my humble, having-heard-a-zillion songs, opinion -- this direction is 
where Vendetta should focus. The interplay among all musicians was tighter and more interesting. 
This piece's structure held interest and built an expectant tension level nicely. Changeups were 
frequent, the midsong synth work was phat cool and the brief Middle-Eastern/ragaesque motif 
was a breath of progressive fresh air. Thompson could have added a reverby, Muslim-in-the-
minaret-tall "call to prayer" here easily. Imagine that guys. If Vendetta had syncopated this 
section a bit and sped things up with some near-fusion riffs and polyrhythmic touches it could 
have come off as a real smoker! Maybe next time guys -- a new sound?

	"Afterthoughts" (a reviewer's suggestions): Vendetta, stretch more and feel the trip of 
freakin' out some. Go for the untested waters! Break outta the rock rut and punch through into 
some Holdsworthian/Jens Johansson fusion, or spacey riff-rock like Captain Beyond, or try the 
Cynic thing but without experimenting with the lame "cookie monster" vocals. I'd even settle for 
speed-Prong crossed with The Obsessed's angst. Revamp, revise, record, and make yer mark.
Being good isn't enough anymore -- ya gotta burn with an alien flame. Rise above everyman's 
rock. You owe it to yourself to grow past the norm. I hear your potential. So cut loose. I'll shut 
up now.	~ John W. Patterson

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