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The V-loop Trio: Kindred Souls (CD, 40:40); Kinso Records, 1999
Kinso Records
P.O.Box 2323
Hollywood, FL 33022
Ph: (954) 927-3383
E-mail: valjen@prodigy.net
Cyberhome: www.kinso.com

	In a nutshell -- this is a fine first offering for this relatively young and energetic jazz trio. Val 
Lupescu, born in Romania, Europe -- the founder and leader -- plays solidly pleasing and at times 
exciting jazz guitar. His styles range through such greats as Wayne Johnson, Pat Metheny, Steve 
Khan, Andy Summers, with brief flashes of Carlos Santana and even Mike Stern. Jorge 
Albuquerque of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is  the intricately tight and melodic bassist. Glenn Williams 
of South Florida, USA, gives a wonderfully expressive and professional performance on drums. 
Duane Allen guests on solo guitars on two tracks.
	Eight songs are offered, ranging the jazz menu from upbeat, crunchy fusion to “your-table-is-
ready” mellow lounge jazz. Musicianship is flawless throughout. All compositions are by Lupescu 
except for the notably outstanding track, “Green” by Albuquerque. He offers a wonderful bass 
solo on this cut that is deftly overlayed with that Badrena/Bensonesque scat-along vocalization.
	“Pictures of You” and “What If” opened up things with excellent fusion punch and grit, as 
well as great unison lines. And after some mellowing out, “Delusion” offers a phat bass groove 
with Sternish overdriven guitar tone. Hear Duane Allen solo in a meaner, fusion-fired, reverbed 
growl. I could go for a future release of nothing but songs like these three. I even caught a whiff 
of bluesy-rock Scott Henderson here.
	We outro with two laidback cuts of tastefully blue and lazy-day, dreamy jazz. If you like 
Wayne Johnson, Andy Summers’ later solo releases, Steve Khan, and quality guitar-driven jazz 
then I recommend The V-loop Trio. Who knows what other fine releases you may hear from this 
group if this release does well? Support your local jazz musician for happy ears.	~ John W. 

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