Terry Syrek: Self-titled (Cassette, 35:51)
independent (pre-CD) release [TS698], 1998
Email: rek@interactive.net
Cyberhome: http://userweb.interactive.net/~rek/

	Terry Syrek has mastered his guitar, synth, bass, drums, and vocals into one very tight 
progressive metal/ guitar hero package. We open things with a tight but sweetly bizarre guitar-
synth instrumental called "Shiva". This cut, (thankfully), is NOT straight up rock but has twists 
and turns enuff to keep things interesting. Lotsa nice chops and syncopated chord progressions 
here. I heard a taste of Prong sans vocals and Forced Entry here. The synth work took me back to 
Ronnie Montrose's early solo releases. The big axe-solo is strongly Satriani with Chastain 
machine-gun bursts of notes. The finale solo is early Satriani and Syrek pulls it off with ease.
	Next we do "Mine To Leave Behind" with mean power-metal chords intertwined with synth 
that leads us to angst vocals over speedy, Santana percussive work. Think Styx does Metallica 
and Satriani trades licks with Chastain. This could easily hit a college radio rock slot and get the 
"Whowazzat?" phone calls afterwards.
	Syrek explodes on "Spiral Majesty" sounding like a cut that could've come right off Satriani's 
Not of this Earth. Great guitar work with a smidgen of Mason Williams' "Classical Gas" chord 
progression flavorings fleeting by.
	"Grimpett Widdleshins" is another strange excursion into David Chastain/ Satriani, (Not of 
this Earth) space with wild-hair riff supernovas to make even Ron Thal smile. I was reminded at 
times of Mahogany Rush's "Strange Universe" synth work in places. Pretty cool stuff.
	On "Beyond Within" we find interesting tribal drumming with guitar-enuff-to-fill-an-empty-
cathedral solos. Plenty of interesting tempo changes and "open-spaces" chordal breaks heighten 
interest. The unique percussion leading into church organ keys with power-chorded assault 
worked nicely to prepare you for the guitar finale.
	"Change the World" returns with decent vocals and echo effects. Guitar again is forefront 
throughout and this cut leans strongly toward that college radio play format. Then Syrek throws 
in a great Steve Tibbettsan/Hendrixian alternate-dimension guitar solo that was THE pinnacle 
moment of Syrek inventiveness to me. I could've taken at least ten to fifteen minutes more of 
such whacked-out guitar-scapes. Maybe on the CD, Terry, just for me?
	Great debut release! Believe me, I've heard the whole nine yards of ammo shot off on many a 
debut -- yet Syrek is right on target for that future CD.	~ John W. Patterson

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