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Tripod: Tripod (CD;55:34)

There is no description that can adequately portray
the incredible variety of sounds that are available
on TriPod's self-titled CD, TriPod released
on MoonJune Records in September 2003. A myriad of
influences can be heard - echoes of Primus, King
Crimson - even Weather Report! In fact, the first
song reminds me of what 70s-era King Crimson would
sound like if they were fronted by Les Claypool
instead of Robert Fripp.  

TriPod is a NYC-based band consisting of Clint Bahr
on lead vocals, bass pedals, 12-string bass (!), and
thought-provoking lyrics, Keith Gurland on alto and
tenor sax, flute, clarinet, pedals and backing vocals,
and Steve Romano on acoustic and electric percussion.
That�s right - this band DOES NOT HAVE A GUITARIST OR
A KEYBOARDIST!  And it doesn�t matter...they sound great.  

The CD consists of nine vocal and five instrumental
tunes (though two of the five are less than a minute
and are basically introductions to the next song).
There is lots of rhythmic interplay within the band,
with tight unison lines and open space where the
saxophone is free to soar above the dense rhythms.

Mark�s Picks:

�No Diamond Cries� is a highlight of the disc, and in
another plane where greedy corporations don�t rule the
music world, would be a nice single! Hypnotic bass line,
melodic vocal line and a tasty yet succinct sax break! 

�World of Surprise� is catchy, with some interesting
lyrics and nice sax soloing. My pick for follow-up single! 

�Fashion� � think King Crimson meets mid-sixties,
socially conscious Beatles!  

�Fuzz�, a live studio improvisation, is reminiscent of
Mysterious Traveler-era Weather Report. Some superb
percussion work going on here that took me a few listens
to really appreciate. 

�As The Sun� has a haunting Pink Floyd/Jethro Tull, 70s
progressive rock vibe, with Keith Gurland�s saxophone
playing the role of David Gilmour�s guitar. 


The songs:
Jerome�s Spotlight 
Trip the Light 
Dance of the Kabuki 
No Diamond Cries 
East Flatbush 
Smoke & Mirrors 
Conversation Drag 
World of Surprise 
As The Sun  




~Mark J. Rabuffo, EER-Music.com

Artist: TriPod Title: TriPod Genre: Rock/Progressive, Jazz, Fusion, Funk, Pop Label: Moonjune Records-www.moonjune.com Website: www.tripod-theband.com TriPod is very original and unique on their self-titled album. They have no problem struttin� their stuff. Their sounds encompass a broad-based fusion and funk meets jazz with sprinkles of pop for a tad of sparkle and polish. They accomplish this by not using any guitars or keyboards; it really is quite amazing how full and varied their sound is. Considering they are not using the meat and potatoes that most progressive bands use to achieve the necessary atmosphere and sound that a listener has come to expect, it is even that much more awe inspiring. If you are a musician or just a music fan like me, you really need to hear this band. A practiced combination of bass, drums and brass form their sound. I thought of Morphine more than once while listening to this band, which used the same configuration but was strictly alternative rock. This band covers quite a bit of ground on this album and they truly define the word progressive. If you are looking for something new and different and enjoy jazz-rock-fusion, check out TriPod. �"Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck October 9, 2003 1. Jerome�s Spotlight � 2:51 2. Trip The Light � 4:10 3. Dance of The Kabuki � 6:56 4. Prelude � 0:56 5. No Diamond Cries � 3:28 6. East Flatbush � 0:49 7. Buzz � 3:17 8. Smoke & Mirrors � 4:50 9. Conversation Drag � 3:59 10. World of Surprise � 2:24 11. Ghosts � 2:08 12. Fashion � 5:13 13. Fuzz � 6:57 14. As The Sun � 7:35 Rating-4 1/2 / 5 TriPod Is: Clint Bahr: Lead Vocals, 12 String Electric Bass, Bass Pedals Keith Gurland: Tenor & Alto Sax, Clarinet, Flute, Bass Pedals, Background Vocals Steve Romano: Drums, Assorted Acoustic & Electronic Percussion
This review featured in: John Collinge's Progression Magazine

Tripod: self-titled (CD, 43:26); independent release Clint Bahr is lead vox, 8-string bass, bass pedals, Keith Gurland is clarinet & flute, alto & tenor sax, bass pedals, vox, and Steve Tobin is drums, cymbals, and percussion. Hear hard-edged, somewhat angry, incisive progressive rock with a bit of RIO and dash of early Crimson punch. Reed work is superb and ballsy. Vox is quite strong and somewhat embittered with melancholy angst. Compositions are involving and keep you guessing. And isn�t that what progressive is all about? A Canadian band, Glueleg, has this band�s flow and feel at times. I believe this is one of those releases that could easily grow on you after two or three listens. �Incident (Suite)� shows the King Crimson leanings and incredible bass work Tripod is capable of, even at pumping, full- force, high speed rates. These guys hold your attention. Drum riff and reed duelings were great with the bass kicking back in for crescendo and climactic moments. �Four Winds� is a piece full of great hooks and a certain late period !Horslips! leaning. It amazes me how complete and satisying this band comes across with no guitar at all. The reed and 8-string bass work together perfectly. I was pulled into a swirling and dreamy ballad on �Grey Whisper� that evoked strong Dave Binney and Lost Tribe vibes. Too bad that cut was only a couple minutes long. Tripod is comfortably recommended, itza keeper. Do some more guys. ~ John W. Patterson

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