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Thunderpussy: Documents of Captivity (CD, 66:09); The Wild Places WILD 002 First impressions from looking at CD art, band name, and title made me think, �Oh bother, another head-bangin�, heave-metal band trying to sound progressive.� A quick listen proved otherwise. This is early �70s prog-ish, art-ish rock in the vein of Nektar, Wishbone Ash, with traces here and there of ancient Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult. Southern Illinois� Steven Jay Morris envisioned an epic poem set to music. Each song is a document with lyrics and then an instrumental �Amen� or flourish. The documents are a six-part progression running 37:07 with the rest of the CD being 4 live bonus cuts of other tunes from the �TP� rockin�-it-out archives. Hey, the last track is a Grand Funk Railroad/ JethroTullish reworking of �Eleanor Rigby� that runs 11:47 in the spirit of jam-rock with that characteristically big guitar solo finish. Ben Russell is bass, flute, vocals with George Jake Tutko on drums, percussion, and marimba. Steven Jay Morris is strong lead and decent acoustic guitars, (rarely heard)synthesizer, and vocals. Leon Felts adds piano on one track and lyrics elsewhere. Only 1,000 LPs were ever, �officially� pressed, (bootlegs excluded), in 1973. Michael Piper at The Wild Places finally got this out on CD. And there you have it. If you like the bands aforementioned you just might enjoy Thunderpussy�s rare vintage of �concept album� rock. After 30 or 40 listens to this LP way back when, it is clear how it became a limited but cult classic. This is one for the completist and the curious. You know who you are. ~ John W. Patterson

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