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Thomas Metcalf - 'ONE' (CD, 43:05); Clockwork Records CWCD-1
Contact: Clockwork Records
P.O. Box 68
Paoli, PA. 19301 USA
E-mail: tm@thomasmetcalf.com
Cyberhome: http://www.thomasmetcalf.com/

What we have here is electronic music that fans of Wendy Carlos, Larry Fast, or David 
Van Tieghem would find similarly well-done, innovative, intriguing, involving, eerie, 
and cutting-edged. Even though Metcalf released this in 1989*, it is essentially 21st 
century-slick and as good or better than current productions sent out for reviews to EER. 
Seven pieces called 'D', 'C', 'A', 'B', 'E', 'G', and 'F', ranging 2:59 to 10:49, pull the 
psyche into soundworlds of mechanized mayhem and aural curiosa. There is a clear 
analog richness with that barren, cold sterility bathing some of Metcalf's compositions. 
At first listen one might find things simplistic or stripped down but with subsequent 
hearings the rich layerings and effects become apparent. Metcalf has done a superb job 
sculpting his robo-world visions. Keyboard, synth, and electronics/electro-percussives 
fans need this in their collection. My fav cut was 'D', especially in its subdued and 
creepier, noir-ambient, mid-section and outro. Still, each composition is full of twists, 
turns, and chilling surprises. Recommended soundtrack for 1960s-styled, kitchen 
remodeling and aerospace robotics engineering.	~ John W. Patterson

*Footnotes from Thomas Metcalf via 7-7-00 e-mail to EER: . . . just one thing, this music was actually written and recorded between 1983 and 1987 . . . Thanks again. Tom

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