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The Virgineers: self-titled (CD, 45:51); Liquid Sound Records LSR-2634 Psychedelic pop emulates the Beatles with all the right hooks, vox and guitar effects, rhythms, and radio-ready songlengths. Eleven songs offer a light-hearted, incense-thick, journey back into the late �60s. Vocals are strong, guitars capable and expressive. Compositions engaging and fun, recalling the building blocks of when rock was diverging into new territory echoing the hallucinogenic haze of distant pop culture. Ken Zawacki and Bruce Lash are The Virgineers. Well done, fun, easy, like the Marshmellows, The Virgineers give us a trip back in time. If any of us can remember when all that was. Put this disc on for your next Beatles retro-party, and watch all the heads turn. Get our your black-lite, M. C. Escher posters man. Groovy beads. �Hey, that�s my missing McCartney album!� ~ John W. Patterson

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