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Terence Blanchard, Wandering Moon (75:13); CK 089111, 2000
Sony Classical
550 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022-3211
Phone: 212-833-8000
Cyberhome: www.sonyclassical.com

       It's been five years or so since trumpeter Terence Blanchard released 
a record of straightahead, small-group jazz, and it was well worth 
the wait. Blanchard has spent a good deal of his time scoring Spike 
Lee's "joints" and other films. As a result, his orchestrational 
chops exceed those of the average jazzman, and it shows throughout 
this fine album. The three-horn writing is impeccable. The flow of 
the music is also quite cinematic. And as far as the blowing is 
concerned, Blanchard has lost nothing. His bright, expressive trumpet 
tone is the disc's guiding light.
	Blanchard wrote most of the material for Wandering 
Moon, except for pianist Edward Simon's minor-key waltz "The 
Process" and a Miles-faithful ballad reading of "I Thought About 
You." Blanchard's tunes often bear a resemblance to some of Wynton 
Marsalis's early work - colorful, contemporary changes hung around 
propulsive swing, latin, and waltz tempos. There are also nods to the 
free vocabulary being explored lately by Branford Marsalis and Jeff 
"Tain" Watts: "If" and "Joe & O," both of which feature Branford as a 
guest soloist. The record begins, however, in slow and stately 
fashion with the translated title track, "Luna Viajera."
	Dave Holland contributes one of his trademark unaccompanied 
bass soliloquies to introduce the pretty waltz "My Only Thought of 
You," which includes strong solos by Simon, Blanchard, and Branford, 
as well as impressive time-feel manipulation by drummer Eric Harland. 
"Simplemente Simon," a hip latin groove in seven, is also a showcase 
for the hot rhythm team of Holland and Harland. Tenorist Brice 
Winston gets in some good licks as well. Blanchard's elegy for Harry 
"Sweets" Edison, titled "Sweet's Dream," sounds the strongest echoes 
of Wynton's early writing, as does "Sidney," an excellent midtempo 
~David R. Adler, 1/29/00

1. Luna Viajera
2. If I Could, I Would
3. Bass Intro
4. My Only Thought of You
5. Simplemente Simon
6. Sweet's Dream
7. Sidney 
8. The Process
9. Joe & O
10. I Thought About You

Terence Blanchard, trumpet;
Branford Marsalis, tenor saxophone (2, 4, 9);
Brice Winston, tenor saxophone;
Aaron Fletcher, alto saxophone;
Edward Simon, piano;
Dave Holland, bass;
Eric Harland, drums.

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