Various Artists: The Sound Inside, Music and Architecture (CD, 79:14); Celestial Harmonies 
13165-2, 1998
Celestial Harmonies
P.O. Box 30122
Tucson, AZ 85751 USA
Ph: 520-326-4400 Fax: 520-326-3333

	An interesting effect we have all come enjoy at some point in our lives is an echo -- the 
physics of sound in space. We get fancy and call it acoustics when it refers to manmade structures 
such as a rotunda, an opera house, a tomb or temple. The magical resonance of sound can be 
something we discover in even the most mundane of places -- the shower.
	On this collection of soundings you will travel through 17 tracks of out-of-the-studio 
recordings from all over the planet. Stand within the Taj Mahal, drift up deep inside Great 
Pyramid, meditate in The Temple of Heaven of China, sail the Sydney Opera House, hike to 
Angkor Wat in Cambodia, wander tombs, abbeys, cathedrals, mosques, and relax at Echo 
Canyon, New Mexico. Go visit all these places to hear voice, reed, brass, organ, flutes, and 
traditional musics each coming alive in their locationally unique ambience.
	Much of the journey is meditative, introspective, and inspiring. On this voyage you will 
learn the language of space -- the timbre of the eternal Void's voice. Be prepared to acknowledge 
the presence of grandeur. A 28-page CD booklet nicely charts your path. Bon voyage!
	~ John W. Patterson

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