The Sephardic Experience, Vol. 2, Apples and Honey: Winsome Evans and the Renaissance
Players (CD, 56:52); Celestial Harmonies 
13167-2, 1998
Celestial Harmonies
P.O. Box 30122
Tucson, AZ 85751 USA
Ph: 520-326-4400 Fax: 520-326-3333

	Herein lieth delights. Winsome Evans, Director of Australia's Renaissance Players offers a 
treasure trove of "endangered" early music. This ensemble brings near-forgotten music to life and 
documents it in this collection of Spanish-Jewish songs and Mediterranean dance tunes. The 
pieces cover the woes of exile, the lure of the siren, the moon, the sea, the fires of passion, the 
pangs of love, and the endless adoration of Yahweh.
	Period instruments or near-replicas are played in an authentically appropriate style. Vocal 
stylings and language follow the same "living history" guide. Rich beauty and depth of the 
ancients' soul are vividly translated by this Early Music Ensemble's expertise. It is a stimulating 
walk through an unheard, unseen, and unknown world -- a view across the chasm of Time.
	Musicians need to hear this to broaden themselves. Audiophiles will be vastly approving of 
The Sephardic Experience. Undiscovered gems glisten just beneath the surface of Winsome 
Evans' vision. The Renaissance Players on this recording are: Winsome Evans, Benedict Hames, 
Llew Kiek, Mara Kiek, Melissa Irwin, Mina Kanaridis, Andrew Lambkin, Barbara Stackpool, and 
poetry reader Geoff Sirmai. Winsome Evans is to be highly praised for all she has catalogued so 
lovingly here for all to cherish -- hopefully, far into the next millennium. Well done! This 
experience of the Sephardim has enriched me. Enjoy the 36-page booklet of CD liner notes that's 
included.	~ John W. Patterson

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