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Jeff Shroedl: Prevue (CD, 52:47); Audioimage Records AIRCD 70 This a jazzy, guitar-oriented, rocker. Schroedl can sound like Mike Stern, then slip into a Ronnie Montrose strut, hit a Metheny groove or just lay back and let the sax blow awhile. Montrose's ancient solo release, Open Fire or Stern's Upside Downside each apply equally to many parts of what is going on here. Schroedl plays great guitar and can nail the killer tone old "Sterno" uses. You'll even here nice snippets of Al Dimeola stylings and Splendido Hotel or Casino latino compositions. I catch strains of Chick Corea's Electrick Band too. You'll find "low lights and emptied bar" blues here done in a Clapton/Montrose fashion. Enjoy even those Steve Vai voicings and techniques in the midst of a straight up Stern-type jazz tune. Whoa! Schroedl then jumps back into a very traditional George Bensonesque jazz standards sound. This guy is all over the place. It's like 4 or 5 different artists are guesting on guitar. Diversity is the word here. There is even a touching, building ballad progression that seemed to me to be the signature piece for whom Schroedl sounds like -- himself, versus this guy or that one. As well, on the final track, "Song for Paige and Noah", I believe Schroedl pulls out all the stops, kicks off his shoes, and wails some mean blues rock all his own. A Hammond organ moaning and sighing all the while sets the stage for a truly soulful finale to a guitarist's guitarist fine efforts. Recommended to kick out the jams. ~ John W. Patterson

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