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Robert Urban - Elegies

Robert Urban, a singer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist
from NYC, plays all the instruments on Elegies, his
third CD, also recorded by Urban at his studio.  

The music is AOR type pop-rock, with standard melodic
arrangements and hooks, and varied sonic textures for different
songs.  The acoustic guitars and percussion in "The Waiting
Song" add a pleasant bouncy flavor that fits the music well,
but the fuzzy wah guitar in "Tragedy" seems affectedly out of
place.  The Charles Ives song "Elegie & March of the Fallen
Lovers" is the most harmonically interesting moment, despite
the rather pretentious vocals in French from a Gallet poem.
The lyrics are simplistic fare on varied subjects, including
love and destruction of the ozone layer.  

All instruments are solidly played, no mean feat for a
multi-instrumentalist, and the sound is good except for the
rather stark front positioning of the vocals in the mix.
Unfortunately, Elegies never rises above a self-aware
funk of conceit, mostly in the lyrics and vocal delivery.

Reviewed by Scott Andrews 

More information at:  www.roberturban.com

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