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Pseudo Buddha: Motive (CD, 62:18); Uncle Buzz Records, ubr08, 1999
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Cyberhome: http://www.pseudobuddha.com 

10 words or less: Progressive music from India? By an army of 11. 
Elaboration: As their name implies, Pseudo Buddha is NOT from India but they 
sure do like the sound of the Sitar. Almost every song on this, their debut 
CD is a trancelike raga, which is not to say that they all sound the same. 
The first 2 tracks do both sound like the same tune, an authentic style raga 
that by track 2 evolves into an ambient lull. Track 3 is an ambient piece 
with flute and clarinet treatments. Tracks 4 and 5 pick up the energy a bit. 
I hear similarities to Peter Gabriel's 'Passion' with a little more of an 
electronic element. The album's closer is a thoroughly ambient excursion 
clocking in at 18:10 that conjures the ominous atmosphere of a quiet Tibetan 
village. ~ L. Perez

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