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Project 7: BirthDeathInfinity (CD, 61:49); DSB Records DSB 4194, 1997
Phone/FAX: 718-886-9105
Email: DBegelman@aol.com
Cyberhome: http://www.Project7.net

	Project 7 is Dan Begelman, the master planner and guitar master. His fret gymnastics are 
formidable, fluid fire, and fusion with a very creative rock edge. Jon DeCesare is great bass and 
Tony Gallino donates exactingly precise percussion and keys. Guesting are Robert Secret on keys 
and Marty Dunayer on Hammond organ. Begelman is composer, producer and dominant power 
on all guitars, Axon guitar synth and some bass.
	Begelman writes very interesting and tight tunes with visceral guitar punch. As well is a jazzy 
fusion rock sensitivity that dances circles all around today�s progressive wannabes. He displays a 
firm foundational background in jazz and rock -- whether it be Jeff Beck, Ronnie Montrose, The 
Mahavishnu Orchestra, Tommy Bolin, Pete Carr, The Allman Brothers, or vintage Rush. These 
eight songs ranging from 3:46 to 11:11 will serve to redefine what solid, melodic instrumental 
guitar is all about. No shred, neo-classical boredom here folks -- just mean and tasty fusion rock 
all the way.
	I have kept this release and his earlier 1992 Lost For Words spinning for weeks in the 
car and the PC at work. It is all good. There is a definite retro-best-of-the-�70's rock feel to much 
of Begelman�s songs but excellent music is ageless. I promise you this -- many out there will feel 
their soul say, �Ahhhh, yes . . . � once Begelman�s vision is finally heard.
	�Punch it, Dan!� You have got it right man, very, very cool guitar worlds you create. Keep it 
up!	~ John W. Patterson


Project 7: Lost For Words (CD, 44:01); DSB Records DSB 1234-2, 1992
Phone/FAX: 718-886-9105
Email: DBegelman@aol.com
Cyberhome: http://www.Project7.net

	If you like your rock guitar instrumental releases intelligently composed, executed, and full 
of designer testosterone -- this is the ticket. Dan Begelman is axe, John DeCesare is bass, and 
Tony Gallino does drums. Begelman will appeal to Ronnie Montrose, Jeff Beck, Pete Carr, 
Derringer, Allman Brothers, and even Captain Beyond fans. There is enough jazz fusion leanings 
spiced here and there to attract those listeners as well but foremost -- this is a superb melodic 
guitar excursion start to finish. Best songs to drive to and sling gravel are: �Six Fingers�, �Points 
East�, �Against the Ropes�, and �Cliffhanger� -- all killer tracks. I need not mention Satriani, E. 
Johnson, or Vai -- but do catch my drift -- Begelman�s visionary writing and soul-fired riffing is 
frequently more interesting than even such �gods� of go-speed-racer, guitardom. Chops need not 
be faster than the sound of pleasure for the music to breathe satisfying fire and passion. Be sure to 
sample Project 7's 1997 BirthDeathInfinity release which only shows even better ammo in 
Begelman�s arsenal. Still no vocals. So what.	~ John W. Patterson

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