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Pär Lindh Project: Mundus Incompertus (CD, 42:34); CLSCD 104, 1997
Crimsonic Label Studios
P.O. Box 846-745 26
Enköping - Sweden
Fax: +46-171-92000

	This is exquisitely classy, polished, virtuoso keyboards and sundry rock elements. It is upper 
crust prog rock. Of course a quick parallel to ELP is ascertained but PLP holds closer to a 
classical motif. Prog rock is viscerally evident with powerful drums, guitars, and bass. Vocals and 
violins are more in line with the classic keyboard thrust of Pär Lindh. First impressions are of a 
massive talent and Gothic cathedral visions pouring forth in volcanic power and pinpoint 
precision. Movement one, dubbed "Baroque Impression No: I" is a 9:10 powerhouse that really 
gets things off to a grandiose start. Be forewarned -- adjust your volume levels for the sonic 
explosions. Yow! PLP tones things down next with "The Crimson Shield" -- a beatific epiphany 
of harpsichord, recorder, and vocals, featuring the angelic voice of the comely Magdalena 
	Last, comes the 13 part, 26:43 monster title track, with endless Lindh keyboard excursions, 
lilting Hagberg vocals, searing guitars by Jocke Ramsell, bass mastery by Marcus Jäderholm, and 
high-energy percussion by Nisse Bielield. What a great ride this is! I even heard an obvious S.F.F 
tribute on one part. Very nice. PLP is an indisputable notch or two above ELP! Yeah, I said it. 
There are no excessively misanthropic or iconoclastic lyrics or weak filler tunes here that plagued 
ELP on some of their later releases. PLP is 100% pure class, fine art rock, complex, moving, lush, 
and an all-around grand experience.
	Better yet, I saw these guys, not ten feet away from the ProgDay 98 stage do this stuff 
flawlessly -- LIVE. PLP took the "top band" vote of that year's festival. Easily said, this is as 
good as symphonic rock gets. Highly recommended!
	~ John W. Patterson

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