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Patrick Ginnaty: To Sail Beyond The Sunset (CD, 41:16); Beyond The Sunset Music CD-1031 Straight up rock�s here with emphasis on Ginnaty�s guitar work. J.P. Fisher is bass and Steve Johnson drums. First impression was Pat Travers with a slight Ronnie Montrose leaning. Ginnaty likes no-flash, rock riffs, solid playing without any theatrics. That Wishbone Ash simplicity shines through. A pleasant, barely distorted Les Paul tone pervades with sparingly utilized whammy bar bends. �If I Could Change It All Today� was big overdrive and distortion but in a controlled Frippish fury or a Spaceman 3 dirge. �Heat Of The Flame� is nite-club, bottle- clinkin�, mid-gig, garage rock. �Sirens� was by far the most interesting and moving piece with infinite guitar of that John Weider sound. �Take A Chill Pill� has that Allman Bros./Pete Carr feel but without the punch and thrill ride of the original masters. Overall, Ginnaty is a solid guitarist but not outstanding in the ocean of axes out there. Compositionally speaking, the songs are in need of some changeups or a few more time signatures to provoke interest. Predictable rock structures and average riffs are . . . well . . . you know, they�re okay but . . . -- John W. Patterson

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