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Various artists: Nordic Roots-A NorthSide Collection (CD, 77:49); NSD6016, 1998
530 North Third Street, Suite 230
Minneapolis, MN 55401 USA
Ph: 612-375-0233, Fax: 612-359-9580

	This is great way to get hip to all the great music coming outta Scandinavia these days. 20 
tracks running in length from 2:17 to 6:19 get right to the heart a healthy traditional music scene 
as well modern compositions. What you will find is a wide spectrum of eclectic voice and 
instrumentation covering all of NorthSide's artists. This material is as good as and goes beyond 
that "Riverdance" rave. This an unadorned, brazen, frolic in the tundra tunes. It is alive with 
centuries of history and inspiration from fjord to frigid highlands. Experience the majestic magic 
vocals of Garmana, the fiery fiddle of Hege Rimestad, the ribald Horslipian folk rock/world fusion 
of Hoven Droven, and many more. Feel the hearty warmth in the "Arctic Circle club" style of 
music. "Come on in, the water's just above freezing but what a rush!" Well enjoyed and 
recommended sampler. Better yet, last I checked this release was only $3.00. Ya can't go wrong 
folks, really.	~ John W. Patterson

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