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Mindwalk, *wn! (41:25); CD 95101, 1995
Platinum (23:10); CD-R five-song demo, 1999?
CJ Records
9753 SW 52nd Lane
Gainesville, FL 32608-4149
Phone: 352-335-6720

        Every member of this Florida-based outfit is a fine, accomplished 
musician. It's a shame that together they've chosen to create such 
middle-of-the-road music. Richy Stano dominates both these discs, 
writing or co-writing all the material and playing LA-style 
pop/metal/fusion guitar, both electric and acoustic. He's at his most 
impressive on the full-throttle "Bombermania." But most of the time 
he's drowning in synthesizer soup. Bassist Ali Che'ree is solid on 
"Kings for Carly" and solos with particular aplomb on "That Puppy Can 
	Mindwalk is clearly gunning for "smooth jazz" radio play. To 
that end, they favor light funk and R&B grooves. Even when injecting 
the tunes with a dose of guitar grit, they never quite escape the 
fluff dimension. Samba rhythms on "Beyond Mere Pain" and "I Got Cho' 
Eleanor Rigby" shake things up temporarily, but overall the music 
comes across as calculated and soulless. And by the standards of most 
slick, polished "smooth jazz," the recording quality isn't even that 
~David R. Adler, 2/9/00

1. Fantasies
2. Beatles Gone Mad
3. That's What I Want
4. No Harm, No Foul
5. Bombermania
6. Jack's Guitar
7. Beyond Mere Pain
8. Metallic Love

Richy Stano, guitars;
Jerry Edwards, trombone, EVI solos;
Ali Che'ree, bass;
Richard Hilton, keyboards;
Joshua Greenbaum, drums;
David Smadbeck, piano solo on track 3.

PlatinumCD-R EP demo
1. Platinum
2. Kings for Carly
3. That Puppy Can Hunt
4. I Got Cho' Eleanor Rigby
5. Joe.

info unavailable, assumed essentially same as above

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