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Dave Martone - A Demon's Dream
Lion Music LMC 2230 2
Released October 15 2002. Produced by Dave Martone

Dave Martone showcases a staggering diversity of tones from spanky cleans to detuned nu-
metal crunch and chunk on "A Demon's Dream", his second CD.  Nylon and steel string acoustics are 
featured as well as effects to develop cool soundscapes for each song.  He loves that "Whammy 
Pedal" and he uses it effectively though sometimes overdoing it.  Stellar playing throughout from 
legato to tapping to the jaw dropping, buttery, alternate picked passage in "Got Da Boots".
Outside of the CD's rock foundation, many musical styles are espoused herein including, 
classical, flamenco, bluegrass and funk. Dave can do it all and do it all well while remaining 
stylistically cohesive.  Dave's style is reminiscent of the quirky melodicism of Joe Satriani although 
with a much more evolved compositional sense utilizing odd times in spots, which I just love.  Check 
out the opening track, "Big Church", for what I'm talking about.  Drummer Daniel Adair does some 
very modern, progressive playing on this CD.  Check out the insanity during the solo in "What the 
Hell".  Look out Virgil!

My only complaint is that many times Dave will start out with an excellent groove and get 
you going then "kill your buzz" by changing the feel of the song, sometimes too abruptly.  I wish 
that some parts would go on longer and be developed within themselves.  An accomplished audio 
engineer as well, Martone did some excellent production and engineering on this great sounding CD. Highly recommended.

~ by Joe Nardulli,

Dave Martone - guitar, bass
Daviel Adair - drums and percussion
Paul Martone - keyboards
Dave Spidel - bass on tracks 1 and 7
Cassius Khan - tablas
Nenah Barkley - vocals

1. Big Church
2. Do Da
3.What the Hell!
4. Country Maniac
5. Demon Fetal Harvest
6. Got Da Blues
7. Attack of the Celery Crunches
8. Tone of Darkness
9. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
10. Code Red
11. Panemenco
12. A Demon's Dream

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ZONE by MARTONE . . . way cool!
Martone: Zone (CD, 61:26); DDM Music DDM 003, 1999 Contact info: E-mail: Ph: 1-604-432-9022 FAX: 1-604-682-2051 Zone by Martone, aka David d Marton, is packed with some of the finest and widely diverse guitar playing I have heard in 1999. Marton can shred, do awesome jazzy fusion numbers, then mellow out incredibly well. Great bass, keys, and drumming serve to augment the endlessly satisfying breadth of talent and technique Marton flaunts with ease. This guy deserves to be heard! I play this one very regularly. And now the specifics . . . All the compositions are written with uniqueness in mind, the typical “guitar-hero”, testosterone-driven, wall-to-wall noise avoided. Canada’s Martone is keen on keeping the listener on their toes, plenty of twists and turns, time sigs sprinkled about like a Monet’s myriad dots of color. Up close things might seem whole-tonally confusing, eclectically ambiguous, but in totality -- the effect is beautiful. Herein we have 13 tracks of fine art. Do not misunderstand me, this is not music for pastel-spectacled weenies --Zone breathes fusion fire, belches tremors of bone-crunching edge, and hypnotizes you as the rainbow-hued talons grip your acoustic soul. This is one fun ride of rocking, hard fusion with enuff overdriven power and fluid-fretted grace to make even the most jaded listener stop and say, “Whoa baby, who’s this?” Those of you out there tired of banal riffage and ennui-full scores that you see coming after the first bar -- need to hear Martone. Buy this, so we will hear much more from this fine artist. Paul Marton helps out on keys and sound FX. Justin Faragher is bass and Stick. Dave Devin and Dave Spidel add more bass. Bill Prouten is sax. Daniel Adair is one awesome drummer and percussionist. Tracks “B52” spinning at 6:30 and “7th Dimension” weighing in at 11:20 were simply amazing, allowing Marton to show his superb legato, precision timing, and behemoth, low-end crunch. David et al, trust me, these tracks are killer and show the direction your future releases should emphasize and expand upon. I hear Martone, easily executing 15:00+ songs that will slay the masses in progressive rock/metal gangs, jazz fusion circles, and power shredders world-wide. “Bravo and tres bon, monsieur Marton!” Highest of recommendations! ~ John W. Patterson TOP PICKS

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