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Marc Cary, Trillium (54:59); JZZ 20304-2, 2000
Phone: 212-724-0592

While this is pianist Marc Cary's record, the first thing that jumps 
out at the listener is the huge sound of Tarus Mateen's bass. 
Deliciously fat, woody tones like these don't grow on trees. On this 
memorable trio session, Mateen and powerhouse drummer Nasheet Waits 
provide a rambunctious, rock-solid foundation for Cary's profound 
piano ruminations. Flutist Yarbrough Charles Laws appears on two 
strikingly melodic Cary originals, "New Prospective" and "Peace 
Maker" (the latter a piano/flute duet), as well as the lively finale, 
"King Tut's Strut." And Cary, in a tribute to his mentor Abbey 
Lincoln, plays the singer's "My Love Is You" as an unaccompanied 
solo. As for the trio selections, "Little Willie Leaps" and Mateen's 
"Blues for Haseeb" are as close as it comes to straightahead bop 
blowing. Cary seems to favor the more adventurous collective 
improvisation of "Minor League," "Trillium," and "Moment of Love," 
during which the tempos remain strong but the line between soloist 
and band pretty much disappears.
~David R. Adler

1. Minor League
2. Trillium
3. Blues for Haseeb
4. New Prospective
5. My Love Is You
6. Peace Maker
7. Little Willie Leaps
8. Moment of Love
9. King Tut's Strut

Marc Cary, piano;
Tarus Mateen, bass;
Nasheet Waits, drums;
Yarbrough Charles Laws, flute (4, 6, 9)

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