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Mike Ianieri: Big Bang (CD, 74:41); Eyeball Music Volume 1, 1997
Contact info:
Ph: 609-786-2551
Email: mc523000@msn.com
Cyberhome: http://www.erols.com/second.story/bigbang.html

	Multi-instrumentalist Ianieri is drums, guitars, guitar synth, bass, keys, voice, and assorted 
percussion doing upbeat, smooth, Latin-flavored jazz. His compositions and guitar stylings are 
very Metheny but also reflect a Latin nite-club aura in places. Connie Ianieri's vocals are quite pro 
and satisfyingly chic-cool. Nice job, Connie! Ianieri's mellow side on acoustic guitar on "In the 
Clear" and "Water's Edge"comes across very well executed and Connie's vocals recall Flora 
Purim. This duo has it down -- oh so right for smooth jazz. Quality stuff here.
	My favorite upbeat track was "September Seven Four" which 11:53 near-fusion piece 
with that Steps Ahead/ Chick Corea Electrik Band/ Natural Elements feel. Ianieri waxed very 
Metheny again on electric guitar. Mike, trust me on this, do more of this type composition. This 
outro cut showcased all that is so very good about Ianieri and friends. Randy Chick does piano, 
Steve Hyde does trumpet and flugal horn, and Bob Wilson adds various percussion. Denis 
DiBlasio guests on flute, Jason on acoustic bass, and Jerry DeLoach on soprano sax.  Strong 
recommendations.	~ John W. Patterson

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