Michael Askill: Salome (CD, 67:41); Black Sun 15031-2, 1998
Black Sun Music
P.O. Box 30122
Tucson, AZ 85751 USA
Ph: 520-326-4400 Fax: 520-326-3333

	This  hauntingly dark mix of Thai gongs, thunder sheet, Middle Eastern vocals, Turkish flute, 
(ney) and oboe, (zurna), djembes, darbuka, and more eclectic percussion sets the stage for 
Salome. Widely diverse, polyrhythmic,  and at times minimalistic aural "breathings" are innovative 
sound tapestry for the Sydney Dance Company Production's choreography. Percussionists Askill 
and David Hewitt are joined by vocalist Omar Faruk Tekbilek in this intoxicatingly, eerie mix of 
beat and vocals. Tekbilek plays the ney and zurna as well as assorted percussion. There are 
heavenly voices, solo voice, shouts, Salome chant, and the strange speaking voice of King Herod 
on select tracks.
	This is not light-hearted nor wispy ballet music. This is modernistic, hedonistic, ritualistic, and 
a smothering score. It steadily builds in intensity as if to emulate the twisted passions Salome's 
dance brought forth long ago. Visions of the Middle East, Asia, and Africa pervade Askill's 
creation. We are carried in the score from John the Baptist in the wilderness and most grisly to 
"Salome with the head of John the Baptist". An emptiness covers the listener with the ghastly 
images evoked by Salome's mournful song to finish the dance of death.
	~ John W. Patterson

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