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Gerhard Graml's Lunapark
Extraplatte EX 250-2
1995 (49:03)
E-mail: gerhard.graml@bcc.univie.ac.at

German bassist Gerhard Graml leads his quartet Lunapark through a set 
of eclectic original music. There are nods to 70s-style funk and 
pumping acid rock on "Ann+Pat," "Jizz-Jazz Class of 95," and "Nifty 
Eats." Something about these tracks recalls the straight-faced 
comedic style of Frank Zappa. A different aspect of Zappa's influence 
can also be heard on two pieces written for a video project called 
"Sugar Is a Friend," featuring Graml with the Vienna Mallet and 
Percussion Ensemble.

Lunapark tips its hat to straightahead jazz on such tracks as 
"Ning-Nong," "Bruno et le coeur dans le nord," and "Pasadena Strip." 
They do a nice job with the brisk samba of "Sedona" and the hip 7/8 
groove of "Revenge." They're utterly hilarious on "Anleitung zum 
Umgang mit Stellen offizieller Natur," which features Graml 
vocalizing in German. Throughout, Peter Uwira's accordion lends an 
unexpected twist to the more conventional instrumentation: the 
versatile guitars of Alex Machacek, the subtle drums of Victor 
Antonio, and the fat-toned basses of Graml.

There's much talent on display here, but one needs to be in the mood 
for Lunapark's brand of egg-headed cleverness.
~David R. Adler

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