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The Lonely Bears, The Lonely Bears (62:02); MA-9804-2, 1999
Pelican Sound Recordings
PMB 1820
208 East 51st Street
New York, NY 10022-6500
Phone: 716-381-5224
E-mail: magcart@aol.com
Cyberhome: www.magnacarta.net

        Master drummer Terry Bozzio and keyboardist Tony Hymas formed this 
project after working together with Jeff Beck in 1990. They recruited 
British sax veteran Tony Coe and session guitar whiz Hugh Burns and 
began to make records. This 1999 effort finds the foursome navigating 
a diverse forest of textural improvisation. One might expect Bozzio, 
the most famous of the group, to take center stage; but the players 
are in fact on very equal footing throughout. Coe's credited solely 
on saxes, but he also plays clarinet, bass clarinet, and on "Trois 
Tambours De Abed," some sort of fife or recorder. Burns sticks mainly 
to atmospheric, distorted wails and subtly placed arpeggios. Hymas 
creates synth washes, startling electronic effects, and a few lovely 
acoustic piano moments. And Bozzio takes an expansive, highly musical 
view of the drum set, sounding like both a drummer and a 
percussionist within the same song, sometimes within the same moment.
	Hymas wrote the bulk of the material. Coe contributed a 
beautiful soprano sax/piano duet called "Canterbury Song," Bozzio the 
frantically complex "Sartre." The rest of the material is either 
collaborative or based on traditional songs. " . . . And Excursions," a 
duet for drum set and acoustic piano, provides the clearest glimpse 
into Bozzio's improvisational concept. The record takes a little 
while to get going, however: The first few tracks have a certain 
monotony. But stick with it and you'll likely warm to this group's 
electro-acoustic exotica.
~David R. Adler, 2/9/00

1. Our Red Sea
2. Zugzwang
3. Eastern
4. Oka
5. The Freedom of the Wind
6. Trois Tambours de Abed
7. Canterbury Song
8. Sartre
9. The Alpes As We Knew Them
10. Chanson du Bonhomme
11. Alarums
12. . . . And Excursions
13. Nana

Terry Bozzio, drums;
Hugh Burns, guitars;
Tony Coe, saxes; 
Tony Hymas, keyboards

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