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Living Daylights, 500 Pound Cat (52:51); LCQ 39353, 1998
Liquid City
P.O. Box 4418
Seattle, WA 98104
Phone: 206-860-5284
Cyberhome: www.liquidcity.com

        The most impressive member of this excellent trio is electric bassist 
Arne Livingston, whose style is a high-powered mixture of Steve 
Swallow and Les Claypool. The very first sound on the disc is 
Livingston setting up a mean 5/4 groove, immediately grabbing 
attention with his very trebly sound and guitaristic (i.e., chordal) 
approach to the bass. On parts of "Garlic Press" Livingston's bass 
sounds like a keyboard; on "Moena," it sounds like a guitar. And on 
"Petunja" it sounds like a bass - a snarling, nasty, grooving bass. 
Yes, fear not: Livingston never lets go of the bottom. In fact, he's 
not afraid to employ overdubs in order to cover high and low ends of 
the bass spectrum. And still the band retains a live, raw, 
spontaneous sound.
	Livingston and saxophonist Jessica Lurie each contributed 
half of the tunes on this CD. Both have mature compositional styles 
and a knack for content-rich funk. Lurie's playing is at its best 
toward the end of "Mali Krumpiri." And drummer Dale Fanning shows off 
his kinetic, tasteful hipness most effectively on "Garlic Press" and 
"Without." The group's vamp-based improvisations can get a little 
repetitive, even on tunes that are relatively short. But with 
remarkable consistency, they combine the loose, unrehearsed feel of 
acoustic jazz with the ultra-funky fire of the hottest electric 
fusion. Quite refreshing.
~David R. Adler, 2/10/00

1. Spaghetti Western
2. 500 Pound Cat
3. Trauma and Discourse 
4. Petunja
5. Mali Krumpiri
6. Garlic Press
7. Without
8. Code Undo
9. Moena
10. Falling Down Laughing

Jessica Lurie, alto and tenor saxophones;
Arne Livingston, electric bass;
Dale Fanning, drums

EDITOR's NOTE: This band definitely throws down one phat groove -- I dug 'em!
They will grow on ya . . .

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