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Last Laugh: Meet Us Where We Are Today (CD, 47:27); Record Heaven RHDC8 Think Bark Psychosis, Black Sun Ensemble, and Kings X. This is introspective, dark, angst, 20th Century slammin', Swedish prog-avant-garde-alternative rock. My 15-year-old daughter-as-reference-point said, "That's 311 -- no the vocals are Orgy." Go figure. If you like Djam Karetish or Kings X guitars and bass, Last Laugh has more than enuff edge. I even hear a Tommy Victor of Prong thread running through it all. "Good grief! A Status Quo riff!" Humanity is dying, space is a silent hell of endless cold, and the black holes are only doors to oblivion. There is no escape so we are bangin' the heck outta these god-forsaken guitars and drums trapped on this stupid little planet. This stuff is mean, in-your-face, raw but slick, well done with no stupid head-banging. Now for a change-up, on the title track, you get Bark Psychosis/ (Hex), meets Eno, Cluster, Levin, and Fripp! Amazing, simply delightful rhino-meets-Belew, sluggish-behemoth rock! Buy this CD for this track alone. "Regards" is another great track where King Crimson meets Kings X. Think Red, think Dogman. If you dig wall-of-sound guitar, this is where it's at. Vocals are knives of ice in your dangerously comfortable, world-view rotting, apathy. "Ultimate Unity" is a mellow, flowing, Black Sun Ensemble/ Bark Psychosis/ Enoesque/ Frippish delight. Last track, "Onti (The Last World)" is a driving Prong/King Crimson layered over frog vocalizations intro that switches between mellow moments and grunge-hard explosions. This is a strong showing for this Swede band. Stene is bass and great lead vocals. Wallin is guitars and vocals. Östnytt is nightvision goggles? and saz? I dunno. T-Mox is drums and percussion. We will be hearing more from this band -- I hope. Very cool, very hard, and freshly unique. Recommended. ~ John W. Patterson

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