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John Flomer: Night in the Vapor Jungle (CD, 50:47); Spotted Peccary Music SPM-0702 Piano, synths, and various symphonic embellishments are offered here in ten tracks ranging 3:20 to 6:59. Flomer has all the traits of Constance Demby, Tim Story, Vangelis, Peter Buffet, David Lanz, Roger Eno, and Harold Budd sprinkled everywhere in this deeply contemplative, moody, and misty meander. Flomer utilizes simple themes of relaxation balanced against evolving undercurrents of tension/release. Synth orchestrations can be Demby lush, Vangelis bombastic, or even W. Carlos/Nik Tyndall evocative. You will find only a few tracks of upbeat, rhythmic moments. Flomer is predominately a spartanly melodic, stair-climbing, onward progression-oriented composer. Begin simply, augment, improv over, build, then reverse the process. It works for most out there that love such relaxing aural journeys. Flomer does a fine job of putting all the elements seamlessly. This is music to disappear by, slowly, gently -- gone. What continues to amaze me, one piano/synth release after another, is how so very many continue to echo a pivotal 1980's release called The Waiting by Peter Buffet. Perhaps the piano and synth peformed in a that introspectively heady, New Agey mood must naturally evolve into similar scenarios. If you prefer your piano with emotive synth framing, then go with the Flomer flow. Ahh . . . ~ John W. Patterson

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