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Jody St.: self-titled (CD, 29:55); JS Records JS 01 This is one of those revived, limited edition of 500 copies releases, for the completist seeking to trace out all those “fallen-thru-the-cracks”, late 70s-early 80s, jazz funk rock bands. As I listen, I hear bass work by Jody St.’s Henry Thomas mimicking Stanley Clarke’s “Modern Man” era. Guitar work by founding member, John Mizarolli, fires up those Ray Gomez, Joe Walsh, Tommy Bolin, Hendrix neurons of mine. 19-year-old Brett Morgan is decent on drums but nothing phenomenal happens here. Vocalist Noel McCalla wails in a style common to that era with that Buddy Miles Express, Derringer, Montrose, Le Roux, Bad Company flash and grit. McCalla’s perpetual “Tell me baby, yeah, yow, unh.” solar plexus, alpha male crooning is tiresome. It’s too quasi-disco with that “dime-a-dozen”, singer as “center-of-the-known-universe” pomposity. Best cuts are “Got to get it right”, “What you gonna do now”, “Wake up and deal”. Three solid cuts outta eight is okay for a 1980 album, I guess. Overall, not too bad but the disco smell wafts through in places. If you enjoy tight bass, overtly confident guitars with that occasional flair and fire, and don’t mind the upfront-posturing vocals, then you can seriously get down and nasty, break some beer bottles in the hall, and get straight-up, butt shakin’ and solid rock groovin’ with Jody St. “Yeah, baby! Oww -- ooh, my back.” ~ John W. Patterson

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