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Joboj - Orange

Orange, the second full-length album by guitarist,
writer, and multi-instrumentalist Joboj, is a noisy mixture of
influences metal, funk, and just plain weird, in a strange
style not unlike Zappa.

Instrumental rock is extremely difficult to keep truly original
and engaging.  Joboj's songwriting is so chaotic and scattered
that it remains both original and engaging, even if mainly for
the curiosity of seeing where he will go next.  The most
interesting songs combine different styles, like funk and shred
in both "Throw Down a Mountain" and "Pooper."  The arpeggiated
acoustic guitar on "Sleeping" and "Chameleon" is a bright
contrast to the strident feedback and chaotic riffing.  Joboj
uses chromatic chord progressions often, for an odd, shifty
tonality that fits his sense of composition and melody.

The playing is quirkily entertaining and effectively
communicates Joboj's twisted vision.  He can shred with
imagination and he's not afraid to play slow and melodic.
Orange stands out from the instrumental guitar pack due
to the unbridled creativity of Joboj.

Reviewed by Scott Andrews 

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