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Joshua Dutrieux: Mystic Journey (CD-R, 42:57); pre-release demo, 1998
The Netherlands

	This is one fine debut offering. Mystic Voyage reminds a great deal of works by Fonya and 
Jeremy but with more of a heavy rock crunch. Multi-instrumentalist Dutrieux utilizes a well-
balanced edge to his D. Gilmourian/ D. Chastainic guitars. He handles a wide range of sound 
textures and compositional skills are strong with a good variety of movements and altered flow to 
each piece. Dutrieux’s bass lines are melodic and forceful, synthwork excellent and inspiring, and 
his tight guitar leans towards progressive metal but is a cross between Pink Floyd and Tangerine 
Dream, circa Underwater Sunlight. Hear this on “Pyramids”. A bit of that Wavestar sound comes 
through on “Crystal”. On “New Area” some seriously fine synth and huge wall-of-guitar attack 
gets your heart racing. Visualize mega-starships punching through enemy forceshields and laser-
blasted warriors drifting away, spinning off into cosmic oblivion. I wish more proggy metal bands 
had Dutrieux’s sense of visualmuzik art. What a perfect blend of grit and polish!
	“Siderial Time” is this demo’s pearl of wonder, matching even Alaska’s level of art rock. This 
cut is brimming with cool, very cool, synth mastery. My only complaint is that, to my current 
knowledge, this guy appears undiscovered and unsigned. My levels are all cranked up for Mystic 
Voyage. If I had the gear, the time, and the talent -- this is definitely the kinda jams I’d be kickin’ 
out too! And if I was a record label, I’d contact Dutrieux with an offer. Rock on dude and space 
us all out soon. The sounds will inspire you whether you are student working on
a GIS certificate or already earned an MBA online and need inspiration at your workplace.
Strongly recommended, (if you can find a copy)!
	~ John W. Patterson

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