Getter's phenomenal solo debut pulls up the deep roots of jazz and jazz fusion, shakes off the dust and dirt, to mine and shine the gold within. From her fingertips sails majesty our way as Hendrix's "golden-winged ship" of inner vision. She adds the fresh soil and liquid pleasure of her own stylings and re-plants a new tree of earthly fused jazz delights for all to feast upon.

I will unequivocally assert that this has got to be one of the top ten jazz guitar releases of 1998. Jane may be the solid number one '98 release by a female jazz guitarist. I've not heard such finely honed jazz standards style, fusion ferocity, and solid grooves since Mike Stern exploded onto the scene. You will hear Stern Tele-thunder tone, Jeff Beck fusion gut-punch, Hendrixian blues rock sensitivities, George Benson scat-sync- overlayed riffs, and many more surprises this lady can call all her own. Jane Getter has redefined cool breeze jazz and way phat grooves on this release.

Take all this talented flair and augment it with Weather Report/ Steps Ahead bassist, Victor Bailey, Zawinul Syndicate/ Wayne Shorter drummer, Rodney Holmes, Miles Davis Group/ Grover Washington, Jr. keys wizard-producer Adam Holzman and this baby kicks! This Getter "back-up band" can be all over the place doing a funky smooth groove ballad while Getter rips the aluminum siding off the wood shed with pure finesse. Like a good jazz mother she then rocks you to sleep with her tender heartbeat tones and exquisitely mellow side.

Jane, you be da lady. My hat's off to ya! Highly recommended. ~ John W. Patterson EER-MUSIC.com TOP PICKS

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Jane Getter ~ guitars and vocals

Adam Holzman ~ keys

Victor Bailey ~ bass

Rodney Holmes ~ drums

Aaron Heick ~ sax

Abdou M'Boup ~ percussion

Jerry Barnes ~ bass

James Genus ~ acoustic bass

Katreese Barnes ~ vocals

Juju House ~ congas

Track Listing:

1. Storytime

2. Plugged

3. Cat Walk

4. Deep People

5. Live Wire 1

6. Little Hands

7. Outstanding

8. Beck & Forth

9. Live Wire 2

10. Peek-A-Boo

11. Riza

12. Live Wire 3

13. Headphone Hair

14. Pablo

15. Live Wire 4

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