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House of Usher: Body of Mind (CD, 53:59); PBR1701D These guys at first didn’t really remind of anyone. But wait, track one, “Faith” is very Discipline, (not King Crimson). “Don’t Remind Me”, track two, vocals again remind me of Discipline’s Parmenter with Asia/ Howe guitars. There’s a Journey feel here too in the keys and vocal stylings. Synth solo on “Body of Mine” crawled all over me as it was modulated/ “bent” a tad flat too much/ too long or something. I dunno, it just wasn’t right somehow. I am picky about being on key unless it is for temporary effect. Now in “Obsession” the detuned/off key-half step is used effectively as a tension builder by both guitar and keys. This is a Julio Iglesias crooning, “secret love/ stalker” type of song. “911" is a very inspiring keyboard instrumental that calls to mind Vidales’ work in Cast. I also hear Michael Gleason of ex-Kansas, Livgren’s A.D. band. “Chimes” is probably the best all around, radio-ready cut with Aaron coming close to Steve Perry of Journey especially on the refrain. They excel here and everyone meshes nicely. “C’est Pas Finit” has a great Asia-like intro, strongest show of the CD vocals, wonderful grand pianoesque in a very ELP/ “Take a Pebble” interludes, a wide range in song dynamics, and super- sustained Yes guitar work. This is the track for House of Usher to stand on as their signature piece. Aaron sings, Mark Evans drums, Mark Jardine is bass, Richard Kaczynski is keys, and Michael Allen Moore is guitars. ~ John W. Patterson

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