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Hege Rimestad: White Arrow (CD, 43:37); NSD6014, 1998
North Side Digital
530 North Third Street, Suite 230
Minneapolis, MN 55401 USA
Ph: 612-375-0233, Fax: 612-359-9580
Email: chill@noside.com
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	Hege Rimestad makes her solo debut as one very capable fiddler. The arrangements and 
production are lively, engaging and polished. Her traditional and novel music stylings cover native 
Norway, the Shetland Islands, India, Iraq, and various modal scales. There is no room for 
boredom here along the "Oh, just another one of those Celtic releases" lines. Rimestad dances 
around the globe with inspirational and free-spirited ease. She is backed by electric and acoustic 
instruments and voice. One track, "Rolling Mist" is eerie solo fiddle.
	Rimestad is from, Sami singer, Mari Boine's band. Mari and the band make their talented 
presence known here. "Dreaming of Baghdad" is 4:54 of Rimestad doing the world-fusion thing 
and very well I must say. "Permafrost" reminded me of Steve Kindler's work from Automatic 
Writing. Rimestad goes deep for a pass into the New Age/ ambient territory on "Kepler/ 
Tonal Gravity" with echo delays and voice by Elin Ødegaard.
	And yes, we do a bit of the Mark Wood/ Hendrixian thing on "Towing the Darkness" and 
a slow, jazzy yet traditional outro with "Yearning Home". For fans of fiddle, world music, and 
yes, Celtic too, Rimestad will fully satisfy and surprise. "Do you smell rosin?"
	~ John W. Patterson

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