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Greigg Fraser: Tech Noir (CD, 39:01); Curly Maple Music CMM-002 First impressions of Fraser are Ronnie Montrose doing his best Satriani. Synths jammin' along recall Jeff Beck with Jan Hammer on There and Back. "Jump Gate" features all this as a strong first cut. Fraser truly knows how to wrench the guts outta his axe. On "Superluminous" and "Stargazer" we find more of the same guitar rock with less synth overdrive. Synths come back droning with super-sustain guitar atmospherics on 2:03 "Straylight". Effective and well done but could have been three times longer! We kick more rock butt on the boogie-festive/ strolling along "Cityscape" and the drivin' tune/ Duane Allmanish slide work on "Open Space". We return to that Ronnie Montrose Territory/ Beck and Hammer There and Back heavy synth sequenced beat and serious mean guitars on "Redline". Fraser abuses his amps with some serious feedback effects. This is rates very close to the opening cut. Fraser mellows out with some solo, de-tuned, acoustic guitar that Leo Kottke or Leslie West could appreciate on "Curved Ayre". A nice break. Fraser has that Montrose, Beck, Satriani thing pretty much nailed as evidenced by the remaining four songs. If you like this kinda guitar rock with pumping synthwork, pick this one up. Brian Waters is keys, harmonica, percussion programming, and other guitars. Paul Loeffelholz is all bass guitars and some percussion programming. File this next to Ronnie Montrose's latest works. A solid instrumental guitar rock offering. ~ John W. Patterson

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