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Freddie Bryant: Boogaloo Brasileiro (CD 54:55)
Fresh Sounds FSJW 008, 1999


Freddie Bryant: Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Chris Cheek: Tenor and Soprano Saxophones
Steve Wilson: Alta and Soprano Saxophones, Flute an Alto Flute
Edsel Gomez: Piano
Avishai Cohen: Acoustic Bass
Jordi Rossy: Drums
Gilad: Percussion


1. Por Toda Minha Vida (Jobim/Moraes) 2:58
2. Boogaloo Brasileiro (F. Bryant) 7:09
3. Passages (F. Bryant) 7:35
4. You Don't Know What Love Is (Raye/DePaul) 8:47
5. Alone (F. Bryant) 7:43
6. Eyes Across the Ocean (F. Bryant) 6:17
7. Peace (Horace Silver) 6:05
8. Solar (Miles Davis) 8:06

OK, let me admit it up front: I wouldn't know what good Brazilian
Jazz was supposed to sound like if Pele snuck up behind me and hit me over
the head with a timbale. My exposure to Latin music is pretty much limited
to the "Ricky's" - Martin and Ricardo. So it is with much humility and
trepidation that I present to you - the Brazilian Jazz buying public - with
my honest opinion of jazz guitarist Freddie Bryant's latest release
Boogaloo Brasileiro. After all, I may not know Brazilian Jazz, but I
know what I like...
In short, the music contained on this CD transported my mind to three
distinct places:

1. A corner table at a smoky bar
2. A Carnival Cruise ship embarked upon a Caribbean cruise
3. A corner table at a smoky bar on board of a Carnival Cruise ship embarked
on a Caribbean cruise

But seriously, although I'm not terribly familiar with the musical genre I
can tell a good musician from a bad one, and this CD is chock full of
fellows that really know their way around their instruments. The CD kicks
off with a very tasteful classical guitar led number titled "Por toda minha
vida" (which I think translates into "The Crow Flies at Midnight") that
clearly establishes the fact that this guy knows his way around a fretboard.
The seven tracks that follow range from Latin-tinged rhythms over six
minutes to Latin-tinged rhythms over six minutes with lots of saxophone
noodling. Some, such as "Boogaloo Brasileiro" and "Passages" will
definitely make your body wanna get up and move, while others such as
"Peace" and "You Don't Know What Love Is" will make you want to spend some
quality time curled up in front of a fireplace with a member of the opposite
sex. The band even takes a Miles Davis number titled "Solar," and gives it
the ol' Latin lift with a bunch of scrumptious guitar licks provided by Mr.

Steve Wilson and Chris Cheek step up with some tasty sax (and flute) licks
throughout the CD, and the woodwind duo is all too eager to fill in the
space provided when the percussive duo of Jordi Rossy and Gilad lay out
their classic Latin grooves. Of course, Bryant takes center stage on many an
occasion - even breaking out a Gibson electric on the track "Boogaloo
Brasileiro." But for my money, the stand out moments on the CD are when
fire-fingered pianist Edsel Gomez is given free reign to solo over top of
the smooth bass lines put out by Avishai Cohen. Gomez really lets his finger
fly on the tracks "Passages" and "Solar," and the percussion section seem to
get a little more spring in their step when Mr. Gomez is working on the
black and whites.

Boogaloo Brasileiro is certainly easy on the ears - you can either
have it on as quiet background music (well, except for the Davis number
"Solar"), or really pay close attention and admire the virtuosity of all the
musicians involved. Tho' Freddie and the boys haven't totally converted me to
zoot suits and hand-rolled cigarettes, I do have a newer respect for Latin
jazz and will keep an ear out for Bryant's future efforts. Well-composed
music combined with top-notch musicians work no matter what type of music is
involved, and Boogaloo Brasileiro definitely falls into this

Information on Freddie Bryant can be found at

- Michael Askounes




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