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Created:Thursday, July 1, 1999

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NEARfest 99: An Overview and Observations

~ John W. Patterson

Installment ONE: A prologue of sorts

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA was the place. Saturday and Sunday, June 26-27 was the time. The Moravian College's 428-seat Foy Concert Hall became the launch pad for the "North East Art Rock" festival, dubbed as NEARfest 99.
Find Noah Samuel Lesgold, (black shirt)
As if springing forth from Zeus' forehead was birthed the idea for a progressive rock venue to be held in the U.S. northeasterly regions. Rob LaDuca, fund raiser for the southern- based, North Carolina, ProgDay 98 event, eventually succeeded with much help from Chad "Ghost" Hutchinson in nailing down a place. In a little over two months the Internet served to aid in NEARfest 99 being sold out!
NEARfest 99 as experienced in parallel world. Find the Ghost.

Official NEARfest website

Other than a few late-in-the-day bands starting 90 and then 120 minutes late on Saturday and Sunday evenings, LaDuca and Hutchinson pulled off an event that was professionally smooth. They both are to be highly complimented and thanked for their insights and dedication.

On the down side of things, somehow it seemed my assured backstage pass* was "overlooked?/revoked?" in NEARfest-flurry, so I settled for a next-best-thing official NEARfest get-near-the-stage photo pass. The last thing "Ghost" needed, at least to my understanding, was my being obstructive in approaching the musicians with improptu interviews. Things were obviously tense -- it was pre-launch time -- mere hours prior to lift-off. I backed off. Will NEARfest 2000 see E.E.R. backstage? Perhaps.

*A clarification received via e-mail, 7-2-99: According to Dr. Rob La Duca, I quote . . . "NO members of the prog press . . . received a backstage pass. The backstage area was TINY, and chock full of equipment. Because we didn't have dressing rooms either at Foy, we could not allow anyone but Chad, Jason, myself, bands, and crew back there."

Flow on to next part! Whozzat progger down there? (black shirt, again!?)
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DAY ONE, the bands, the music, and the sweet taste of prog and fusion.

Anyone with NEARfest 99 pics they wanna "cyber-loan" to the E.E.R. NEARfest 99 Report, Please e-mail me photo info and attached JPEG or GIF files of your best shots. You will get full *name in lights* credit with the photo(s). I appreciate all that came through for E.E.R. with great photo-loans of ProgDay 98.

Let's all get together and show our NEARfest 99 goodies!!
(I have the stuff to jazz up even mundane pics. So have at it!)

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