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Michael Of Darshan - 11/25/00 02:57:09
My URL:http://www.mp3.com/DarshanMusic
My Email:darshanmusic@aol.com
Fav Band/Artist: The Beatles
Fav junk food: Ice Cream
Hate this website?: No
Like this website?: Yes
Suggestions: Keep It Up!!
Nickname/A.K.A.: Darshan

Hi John, You've got a great site. Lots of wonderful information for the music lover. I also completely agree with your views on meditation, they are right on. Peace M

The EER Editor - 11/20/00 18:33:35
My Email:legatogort@geocities.com
Fav Band/Artist: Can't decide
Fav junk food: peanuts and ice cream
Hate this website?: sometimes
Like this website?: sometimes
Suggestions: Need more volunteer reviewers
Nickname/A.K.A.: Hey you.

FYI: Believe it or not -- it seems EER now is receiving somewhere around 4-7 CDs shipped in for reviews per week, (sometimes even more as some labels discover EER afresh and send their whole lot). Demos are coming in from all Europe, Scandanavia, South America(Chile), Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the East Asia/Pacific Rim; (Korea/Japan/Indonesia)! And of course from independents all over the US. It is mind-boggling how this EER thing has grown. I appreciate the great response.
I have noticed recently that some music review websites are running paid-for adspace. I can't do that here @ Yahoo!/Geocities. Other music info websites even ask for contribution$ to help webmasters meet server space costs, etc.
Well, as EER Editor, I pay rent on a US Postal box, pay all shipping costs to send demos out to EER reviewers, pay a steep cable modem ISP monthly fee for fast website editing, speedy Net downloads/researching of EER artists' sound-files, etc., and it is all to make EER a quality free service to music fans, music labels, and THE MUSICIANS.
Some might consider EER staffers get "payment" or "earnings" in the fact that we reviewers get "free demo CDs". But in reality, this CD is more a liability for us to perform, it is a ticket to "get down to business", to listen, to research, and finally to review. The "work" we reviewers do for a quality listen and a write-up can never be truly off-set by the "free demo". We do this because we ENJOY the music and ENJOY sharing our insights with other fans and the artists themselves. Satisfied artists, elated artists' "thank-you's" is our true reward @ EER. (Yeah, we even suffer the flak from negative reviews but such is life and art.)

hektor - 11/20/00 06:09:22
My Email:hexjr71@aol.com
Fav Band/Artist: allan holdsworth
Fav junk food: 7 eleven cheesefurter
Hate this website?: nay
Like this website?: aye
Suggestions: none

Finally...a real site! Been playing 15 years, totally love Fuzion.... Live in DC area, saw Allan Holdsworth, Gary Husband and Jimmy Johnson a few months ago...&*^%^ awesome! Would love to get an outfit together...just for fun. I haven't gone too deep into site, is there a locol artist BB? Henderson is God

Jeff Miley - 11/01/00 23:45:17
My URL:http://www.code3music.com
My Email:Code3@code3music.com
Fav Band/Artist: holdsworth, weather report, coltrane
Like this website?: yep!

I found this site thru joining the "Jazz Prog Fusion Webring". Everyone who's already visited here knows this is a killer site with lots of great fusion info, so I don't need to say anymore about it. Keep up the great work John! ....and everyone is inv ted to go have a look at my band's website. www.code3music.com Thanks!

Gayle/DK - 10/30/00 19:13:08
My URL:http://www.djamkaret.com
My Email:studentdriver@altavista.com
Like this website?: Heck Yah!!

John, Thanks for the super positive reviews, and exposure and space on your site!!! Our new website is up finally. Our new Djam Karet CD will be released in June 2001 on Cuneiform. That's about it, Thanks again for all of this exposure!! Gayle Ellett / Dj m Karet

James DeRigne - 10/15/00 06:54:24
My URL:http://www.jrderigne.com
My Email:jrd@kc.rr.com
Fav Band/Artist: Nucleus & Soft Machine
Fav junk food: Twinkies & Peyote(together!)
Like this website?: Good Job
Suggestions: Keep it Up!!!
Nickname/A.K.A.: Mr.Spice(Circa 1975)

Really enjoy the site and it looks as if we have several things in common. Hope you get a chance to hear the band "The Unbound" which features some Avant Garde/Jazz/Fusion sounds. The Unbound also features the Rev. Dwight Frizzell(Reeds) from K.C. where h maintains his bands "B.C.R" and "New Ear Ensemble" as well. Unbound-"Jazz Recidivists" received a favorable review in the well known Cadence Jazz Magazine. Hope to hear back from you. Cheers, James DeRigne

Sabrina - 10/07/00 22:54:08
My Email:brinamarie69@yahoo.com
Fav junk food: icecream with nuts
Hate this website?: not really
Like this website?: kind of
Suggestions: destiny child or emeinims musci
Nickname/A.K.A.: brina

i have my suggestions under suggetions

Fusiontunes, The Fusion Violinist - 10/02/00 16:10:40
My URL:http://www.fusiontunes.net
My Email:fusiontunes@yahoo.com
Fav Band/Artist: jean luc-ponty
Fav junk food: Crumbs from the microwave
Hate this website?: no
Like this website?: yes
Nickname/A.K.A.: Fusiontunes

Fusion Violinist.. 5-string Electric Violin.... 23 State Championships.... 2 National Championships... Screaming lead work... Explosive Improvisations.... Challenging, Captivating originals that tastefully combine all styles of music....Multi Instrumentalist.... countless hours of experience in the stu io.... Currently recording and producing a CD of original "Jazz Fusion" Instrumentals..... Rock, Blues, Jazz, Folk, Bluegrass, Funk, Classical, all blended together to form a true "fusion" style of improvisation.... You have never heard anything like this before..

Georg Cocron - 10/02/00 05:27:21
My URL:http://www.cocronmusic.com
My Email:GCocron@aol.com
Fav Band/Artist: Al DiMeola, Eric Johnson
Fav junk food: The one and only Burger King Whopper
Hate this website?: depends on how you review my stuff
Like this website?: if you scratch my back, yes
Suggestions: a dart board with picutres of your reviewers (just kidding!)
Nickname/A.K.A.: "Cleveland" (inspired from the movie "Spinal Tap"

Thanks for reviewing my CD! You guys did a fair job. Congratualtions to your editors on a fine site. Kudos to the artists who are featured herein!

Ron Wolff - 09/01/00 22:11:10
My Email:rwolff@wishmail.net
Fav Band/Artist: Pat Metheny group
Hate this website?: NO
Like this website?: Yes , a lot
Suggestions: more jazz fusion?

Great site ; esspecially the jazz fusion part. Some more great fusion:side steps/dimension/emiel van egdom/karizma/j.d. project/bassgewitter/bill boris group/fissio/eef albers/time design/darren lyon's group/metro/rene engel/peter autschbach/bruce bartlet /alain caron/the dolphins/joe elliot/five after four/carl filippiak/graffiti/bill hart/jazzsick/jazz is dead/korekata/neil larsen/didier lockwood group/scott lindenmuth group/jose neto/adam nitti/isamu ohashi/t-square/one warp/petite blonde/simin phillips penserini/rush hour/skywalk/jan somers band/second vision/vibe tribe/seraph/mitsuru sutoh/tetsuo sakurai/solar wind/shakok/sixun/chema vilchez/dave weckl band/metropolis project/kam falk/volpini/erik torjesen band/rocco ziffarelli/q'tul trio/wishfull thin ing/to name a few best wishes Ron Wolff (the Netherlands)

Jody Skopick - 08/16/00 13:23:31
My URL:http://www.mp3.com/REDSHIFT
My Email:sgguru@aol.com
Fav Band/Artist: STEVE VAI
Fav junk food: Ben and Jerry's Chubby Hubby
Hate this website?: NO WAY
Like this website?: YES WAY
Suggestions: REDSHIFT CD REVIEW????
Nickname/A.K.A.: ZBUNNY

Thanks for getting me into the jazz/fusion/prog ring. We get to be on a list with our Gods Brett Garsed,Allen Holdsworth, and John McLaughlin. WOW. I emailed Brett, and he remembers when we both played at the same gig, and their amp blew in the first few inutes of their set. His new stuff smokes. Ciao, Jody

Mike Thaxton - 08/07/00 02:28:24
My Email:mitmo@rochester.rr.com
Fav Band/Artist: all music
Fav junk food: garbage plates
Hate this website?: no
Like this website?: yes
Suggestions: none
Nickname/A.K.A.: mo

I want to hear what this other mike thaxton out there does for music, I do radio and want to hear this someone with my name doing music!!!! And I thought there were no others

sheryl bailey - 06/25/00 20:06:13
My Email:sherylbailey@hotmail.com
Fav Band/Artist: chick corea
Fav junk food: popcorn
Hate this website?: nah
Like this website?: oui,oui

hi - just checking in/out the website - cool stuff- if any of y'all are in NYC on July 11 - come by The Cutting Room on 19West 24th St (Btn bway/6th) my trio is playing at 9pm and 10pm SB -guitar, Rob Bagard - organ, and Tony Jefferson on drums - very groovy!!! PEACE OUT SB

Meph - 05/14/00 21:31:57
My URL:http://buffnet.net/~meph
My Email:Meph@AA.Net
Fav Band/Artist: Kidding, right? Too many to choose from.
Fav junk food: Any stray cat....
Hate this website?: No, but I ~am~ viewing it with a text browser.
Like this website?: What's not to like?
Suggestions: Now, you're talkin'. See below.
Nickname/A.K.A.: See above.

Where you say, "BLACK SUN ENSEMBLE Black Sun Ensemble-Lambent Flame, Elemental Forces Cynic-their debut and final release"; I'm under the impression they'd had a demo, Lambent Flame, Tragik Magick. I'd got Lambent Flame just after it was released to the college stations & heard it on KUSF in San Francisco. After losing that, I went looking for it in NYC, but could only find Tragick Magic. I like it too, but I do miss Lambent Flame -- the version of the song Lambent Flame on the first lp flows more nicely. Oh, well. I may find that release again.

evet socrates - 05/09/00 02:31:56
My Email:evetsocrates@hotmail.com
Fav Band/Artist: cocteau twins
Like this website?: !!!!!
Nickname/A.K.A.: e-man

hello--I LOVE Holdsworth and a lot of English stuff you mentioned but the band that should be on every " best of" list is the COCTEAU TWINS. Check out thier last album "Milk and Kisses". Shimmering guitar, exoticlly transcending vocals. And yes, they are British. You don't have enough female vocals on your list!!! Take care, Evet.

Vivian Bannatyne - 02/10/00 20:35:02
My Email:vbann@global.co.za
Fav Band/Artist: Too numerous to mention
Fav junk food: Curry, Pizza
Like this website?: Brilliant,one of the best progressive music sites I've seen.
Suggestions: Please make mention of any electronic drums/percusion in your reviews, I cant stand it.

Here in the backwoods of Johannesburg,South Africa, there aren't many Progheads around. The net has been invaluable in opening up a whole new cosmic,phantasmagorical,aural adventure thanks to sites such as yours. I partake of Rush,Larry Coryell,Terje Rypdal,Allman Brothers,Led Zeppelin,Scott Henderson,Joe Pass,Ozric Tentacles,Zappa,Steve Hillage,Rory Gallagher,Santana,Ash Ra Tempel,Patto,Jack Wilkins,Brand X,Strunz & Farah,Tommy Bolin,Return To Forever,Wishbone As ,Johnny Winter, and many more. Unheralded Talent: John Goodsall(mindblowing)John Etheridge,Frank Solari(Brilliant Brazilian guitarist),David Sancious,Ollie Halsall(Patto). Undiscovered Gems: Janne Schaffer(Earmeal),Frank Solari(Same),David Sancious(David Sancious & Tone Transformation - The Speed Of Love),Larry Coryell(At The Village Gate),Ed Mann(Get Up) Thanks once again for a great site for discovering new and interesting music. Vivian Bannatyne

Ed Littman - 12/25/99 08:41:31
My URL:http://www.edlittman.com
My Email:littmuze@edlittman.com
Fav Band/Artist: Bella Bartok
Fav junk food: all of it
Hate this website?: no
Like this website?: yes

An eclectic mix of instrumental improvisational music that jogs one's emotions. Littman has a playing and writing style that is unique and personal. Featuring the rhythm section of Mark Egan and Danny Gottlieb, Littman combines elements of Jazz, Blues and Rock with a 12 Tone concept. Hear the record that critics rave about! Featuring: ... RAVE REVIEWS for 'My Window' Bill Milkowski, writer for "Jazz Times" - "Imagine if the James Gang had a major jazz epiphany and came out of the woodshed charged with improvisational daring. That's what guitarist Ed Littman conjures up alongside drummer Danny Gottlieb and bassist Mark Egan on his hard-hitting debut, "My Windo ". He's got one foot solidly in the rock camp while bodly striding with the other into far more adventurous territory.

Stephanie Santé - 12/08/99 13:14:14
My URL:http://home.earthlink.net/~ssante
My Email:santemusic@earthlink.net
Fav Band/Artist: SANTÉ
Like this website?: http://www.mp3.com/SANTE
Suggestions: More Melodic Space, Ambient
Nickname/A.K.A.: SANTÉ

My favorite CD is 'Into Light' by SANTÉ. Other faves: Jeff Pearce - Vestiges (Ambient) Happy The Man - Crafty Hands (Prog Rock) Al Di Meola - Elegant Gypsy (Fusion) Kevin Braheny & Tim Clark - The Spell (Ambient)

Stewart Elliott Goldring - 11/29/99 23:41:23
My URL:http://stewartelliott.org/gnidrolog
My Email:stewartelliott@hotmail.com
Fav Band/Artist: GNIDROLOG of course
Fav junk food: Pizza
Hate this website?: No
Like this website?: Yes
Suggestions: Comes at you a bit dunnit?
Nickname/A.K.A.: Just me

Hi to everyone I guess in the USA from GNidrolog here in the home of PRog - London UK. We're looking forward to see what you say about our albums of course. I must say, that I haven't heard much of the bands you are reveiwing on your site but it does show that the USA are live and well when it comes to the innovative and eclectic. We are looking forward to play in San Francisco in the SPring and Rio de JAneiro 13/14 April. Our brand new album GNOSIS is due out 20 JAnuary so please buy one eack so that I can feed my kids and pay the mortgage you rich American dudes!

Joel Krutt - 10/12/99 02:02:19
My Email:joelkru@aol.com
Fav Band/Artist: Crimson / Gentle Giant
Fav junk food: wings
Hate this website?: no
Like this website?: quite interesting

Greetings! Again, I'd like to let you know that WHUS is now broadcasting it's programming on the Internet via RealAudio. If you go to the WHUS web-site (http://whusfm.saup.uconn.edu/) you can get all the information you need to check out "Pushing The Envelope" and all the other fine programming on WHUS. Now then.... Welcome to the 10/9 playlist for "Pushing The Envelope - Music Decidedly Left of Center" which airs on 91.7 FM, WHUS, the radio station of the University of Connecticut in Storrs. "Pushing The Envelope" airs on Saturday afternoons from 3 to 5 PM. It continues it's mission of presenting the best of avant-garde classical, rock, jazz, ambient, electronic, along with a healthy dollop of new and classic progressive rock (i.e., King Cri son, Boud Deun, Gentle Giant, etc.). As always, I'm constantly looking for new music to air. (Please note, all playlists are posted to the progressive rock, ambient, electronic, exotic, and contemporary classical music newsgroups, in addition to being e-mailed to you.) If you have somethin that you'd like to share with our listeners (Yes, I DO play cassettes and DATs!), please sent it along to: Joel Krutt / WHUS Pushing The Envelope University of Connecticut Box U-8R Storrs, CT 06269 e-mail: joelkru@aol.com Thanks for checking out the list! 'Til next time, Peace Joel P.S. Next week (October 16) we will have the Boston based neo-progressive band "Yoke Shire" live in the studio to play and chat. Be sure to check it out!!! ALOHA! 10/9/99 Playlist: Pushing The Envelope ~Civic Circus - Univers Zero - The Hard Quest - Cuneiform (1999) ~Realm Of Refraction - Steve Roach - Light Fantastic - Fathom (1999) ~Secretly Happy - Jon Hassell - Fascinoma - Water Lily Acoustics (1999) ~Silverwake - Richard Bone - Etherdome - Hypnos (1999) ~Niki D. - Harold Budd - Luxa - Gyroscope/All Saints (1996) ~Final Miles - Angelo Badalmenti - The Straight Story (soundtrack) - Windham Hill (1999) ~A long drone-like piece of music made with synthesizers, samplers and digital delays which attempts in its minimalism to be a thing in itself without external reference, having an analogue in certain states of consciousness where being is experienced als as a thing in itself and not contingent on meaning or purpose. (excerpt) - JLIAT - self-released CD (1999) ~Caravan (Eat Static remix) - The John Buzon Trio - Electro Lounge: Electronic Excursions In Hi Fidelity - The Right Stuff (1999) ~Dancing In Wide Circles - Holger Czukay - Good Morning Story - Tone Casualties (1999) ~Alphaville Beach - Brainville - The Children's Crusade - Shimmy-Disc (1999) ~8 Words (You Shouldn't Think About Stoned): Orange Voodoo/The 8 Words/12 Beats You Should Thang - Zyrah's Orange - Mind - Sachimay Records (1999) ~Greet The Sacred Cow - Primus - Antipop - Prawn Song/Interscope (1999) ~Cricket Voice (1987) - Hildelgard Westerkamp - Transformations - empreintes DIGITALes (1996) ~Very, Very Good - composer/flute: Matthias Ziegler - Uakti: New Music For Flute - New Albion (1999)

rafeord hancock - 09/08/99 16:53:27
My Email:rafeord.xsite.com
Fav Band/Artist: ????
Fav junk food: anything

dude,im 43 years old and a black american i love your site ..all the pre 80s music i have on album all three captain beyond albums,and then some mmost of the stuff i collected most people have never heard! (stray dog)? one suggestion music has l taken me on a path to enlighten people to new sounds...do the same. add some james blood ulmer, bill laswe l , etc the rock to fusion tree has many limbs cover them all . your friend ray.

Drew - 08/27/99 04:00:48
My Email:ashelton@hargray.com
Like this website?: Like it.

Myster Artist-How about Tomita?

Louie Fields - 08/08/99 20:20:35
My Email:LFields@Gateway.net
Fav Band/Artist: too many to count
Fav junk food: ????
Hate this website?: no
Like this website?: great

Yes, there are others out there with the same taste in music. I have tons of stuff from your recommended list and have seen several of these bands, guitarist. Are you a guitarist? Captain Beyond, what a band. You probably have seen some of the artists web ites, Steve Khan, Ronnie Montrose, etc. all have good ones with tons of info. I have only seen your recommended page, so I will check out the rest of your site. You invited me by seeing something I posted on a website, just curious as to which site. FYI, eff Beck is coming to the House of Blues at Myrtle Beach Fri. August 20. You should check it out-- I have seen him 3 times live, 2 in Charlotte at Park Center (BBA and Jan Hammer) and in Atlanta with Max Middleton on keys. Also HOB shows in last couple of years, Joe Satriani, John Mayall, etc. Saw Yes and ELP several times in 70s, and on and on. Bill Conners, one of the most underrated and "not enough credit" guitarist around. I have everything solo. Also saw Return to Forever twice, both with Corea, White DiMeola, and Clarke. "Dancing Madly Backwards............" Later,

SEAN HIPKISS - 07/17/99 19:03:52
Fav junk food: FRUESLI BARS
Hate this website?: NO
Like this website?: YES/WITH RESERVATIONS
Nickname/A.K.A.: SHAGGY


jim thomas - 07/08/99 17:43:23
My Email:jim.thomas@sas.com
Fav Band/Artist: all prog/jazz/fusion
Fav junk food: nachos
Hate this website?: no
Like this website?: very much
Suggestions: more

Who are you? I did jazz/rock/fusion shows on WKNC 88.1, NCSU during late 70's early 80's. I guy by the name of Dave Churchhill was my mentor. Managed the local jazz/fusion group 3PM for a while. Allan Holdsworth and Tony Williams rule, also Brand X and Bill Bruford and Return to Forever. Limked to yo from the triangle for sale.

Tom Reid - 06/17/99 04:51:08
My Email:treid@umcloans.com
Fav Band/Artist: Do I havfta pick just one? It would have to be "Yes"
Fav junk food: Tortilla chips and salsa with cottage cheeze. YUM!
Hate this website?: what?
Like this website?: Love yer show, man!
Suggestions: keep up the good work
Nickname/A.K.A.: Flipper

Wow! Very cool site! I love your taste in music! Have you heard of Gary Hoey? I love the screaming guitar hero types. Steve Morse, Joe Satriani, old Eddie V, Micheal Schenker, etc. I thrill to discover new artists like Liquid Tension Experiment. Can I borrow a couple of CDs? Later, Tom

tito - 06/12/99 15:47:08
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/Yosemite/Cabin/5364/NewFile.html
My Email:polaco123@yahoo.com
Nickname/A.K.A.: tatu


Wayne Dunow - 06/10/99 11:19:33
My Email:dunow@camtech.net.au
Fav Band/Artist: Rush
Fav junk food: pizza
Suggestions: need a neater layout for all of the sound samples

Great site ! good chance to check out some music. Love instrumental fusion with a bit of guitar grunt and a lot of groove. Love Tribal Tech/Henderson, Percy Jones and would like some recommendations also.

Darth WAL-MART - 05/10/99 21:49:20
My URL:http://www.byteme.com
My Email:xwing@byteme.com
Fav Band/Artist: TUNE UNIT
Fav junk food: peanuts and white chocolate
Hate this website?: I hate everything cool.
Like this website?: I like STAR WARS website.
Suggestions: Join the Dark Side or pay more.
Nickname/A.K.A.: Bulldozer Mama

Ever wonder why bird seed produces plants but grass seed produces birds?

the coolman - 04/30/99 23:00:58
My Email:sacooley@snet.net
Fav Band/Artist: too many to name
Fav junk food: anything around
Hate this website?: just the wimpy stuff
Like this website?: yes, right up my alley!
Suggestions: more, give us more!
Nickname/A.K.A.: cool prog/fusion head

Came across your site as part of perpetual motion web ring. The Mystery Artist sounds like Hawkwind to these ears. Your group's playing has a sort of Harvey Mandel-ish vibe, which I like & a chance to get in a plug for Harv', one of the all-time great pla ers. Keep the good stuff comin'.

Mooky - 04/27/99 18:09:07
My Email:mooky@altavista.net
Fav Band/Artist: Todd Rundgren
Fav junk food: Bob Bons
Hate this website?: No
Like this website?: Not Bad
Suggestions: Add Kansas to your picks page!
Nickname/A.K.A.: The Professor


Rich Shroomdude - 03/24/99 00:34:05
My URL:http://www.shroomangel.com
My Email:shroom@trinicom.com
Fav Band/Artist: Il Balletto Di Bronzo
Fav junk food: Cheetos
Like this website?: sure
Suggestions: more reviews, CDcovers?
Nickname/A.K.A.: Shroomdude

You know about The Obsessed? Well, you'd probably like this band called Trouble, they have been around since 82. Get the first album "Psalm 9" and the 2nd "The Skull". Absolute killers! I can make you a cd-r (a compilation I made for myself).I can't wait o read your review on Hands!

Vitaly Menshikov - 03/10/99 15:19:10
My URL:http://www.progressor.uz
My Email:vit@progressor.uz
Fav Band/Artist: a few
Like this website?: Yes, I like it
Nickname/A.K.A.: Progressor

Hello, dear John! It's me, Vitaly (can you remember?). Could you please let me know how to join the Jazz-Fusion webring? Thank you, With best wishes, Vitaly

- 03/08/99 18:30:31


jk - 03/05/99 16:15:46
My URL:http://www.shearon.com
My Email:jk@shearon.com
Fav Band/Artist: there are too many
Fav junk food: Goodberry's
Hate this website?: na
Like this website?: sometimes
Suggestions: shorter pages, smaller graphics, no horizontal lines
Nickname/A.K.A.: jk, JK, Jk, jK

First time I heard the Farner Santana thing, sounds better than the other to me. need to expand it

testing - 02/27/99 16:59:45
My URL:http://not
My Email:ffffffrrrrr
Fav Band/Artist: jh
Fav junk food: water
Suggestions: poot
Nickname/A.K.A.: smelly

go away chump.

YOUR BAND/NAME HERE - 01/28/99 16:14:31
My URL:http://Your.whatever.com/Cyberhome
My Email:yourcontact@cyberhome
Fav Band/Artist: Root Boy Slim and the Amazing Sex Change Band or whatever
Fav junk food: Twinkies and CD shrinkwrap
Hate this website?: Of course not!!
Like this website?: Well sure!!

Hey there! See how easy this is and how you need to do this? Please sign the guestbook and find yourself being connected with possible fame and fortune!! Go ahead. Cyberspace won't byte ya. I've had one of the best times of my life once I jumped in. Just don't post any financial info here like your Credit Card number. E-mail that to me direct. :^)

sherri - 01/28/99 03:46:45
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Birdland/6744
My Email:peeps2001@cheerful.com
Fav Band/Artist: Bush
Fav junk food: Candy or anything with sugar
Hate this website?: not really
Like this website?: yeah it was neat
Suggestions: Visit my site
Nickname/A.K.A.: sherri or peeps

Visit my site and u will rock. Adios!

Joe Nixx Vötter - 01/12/99 00:21:07
My Email:maria.anastasiadis@kfunigraz.ac.at
Fav Band/Artist: Zappa of course
Fav junk food: Pietro Pizzi
Hate this website?: wuwhh!
Like this website?: Much better
Suggestions: Sometimes
Nickname/A.K.A.: Confuse the cat

Hi John! Well,I'd like to send some Prog-Stuff from,believe it or not,Austria.Could ya'be so kind sending me your adress.The Bands Name is "Matter of Taste".

david bach - 01/11/99 02:28:33
My URL:http://www.bandpages.com/bach/
My Email:bach@charm.net
Fav junk food: Cherry Garcia/Ben and Jerrys

Thanks for all your support of my music and music in general....david

Rich Ayala - 01/01/99 20:16:03
My Email:richayalaisgo@webtv.net
Fav Band/Artist: King Crimson
Suggestions: the more the merrier

Got in thru the mining co. I cannot get your address though. Could you e mail me it so I can return without going thru mining co. Thanks RA

Rich Patz - 12/14/98 05:40:03
My URL:http://www.shroomangel.com
My Email:shroom@trinicom.com
Fav Band/Artist: King Crimson/Jimi Hendrix
Fav junk food: Cheetos
Like this website?: I'm here, right?
Suggestions: less lighting effects, more relaxed look.
Nickname/A.K.A.: Shroomguy

Thanks for the nice Holiday sentiments, have I sent you any of our releases to review? Peace man.

spartacas - 12/12/98 21:09:05
Fav Band/Artist: beck,tori,wake forest
Fav junk food: strawberries with cream
Hate this website?: yes
Like this website?: yes
Suggestions: none
Nickname/A.K.A.: rosebud

i love you! trumpets rule

Alan Rockhart - 12/11/98 00:53:03
My Email:Compureno@AOL.com
Fav Band/Artist: Arthur Brown
Fav junk food: Bunny Chow
Hate this website?: No Arthur Brown???
Like this website?: Only because I saw Captain Beyond listed
Suggestions: Listen to Andy Dalby
Nickname/A.K.A.: Al

Maybe I'll come back and look at it at a later stage when you've reviewed Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come and Jade Warrior. Read your rec.music.prog fave 18 min. song. Got past the girls with balls section, looking for the review section and Captain Beyond caught my eye, things are starting to improve until I ended up in No CD! They might help me with hard to get Todd Rundgren, but can they supply me with Goodthunder? Stray Dog? Shaun Phillips?. Also David Sancious! Must admit I have not heard one eighth of the names listed, but I gave up listening to prog when Brand X finished.

Santa - 12/09/98 19:51:08
My URL:http://www2.npole.com
My Email:olenick@npole.com
Fav Band/Artist: Bing Crosby
Fav junk food: Milk and warm cookies
Hate this website?: Ho Ho Ho
Like this website?: Ho Ho Ho
Suggestions: Ho Ho Ho
Nickname/A.K.A.: Fatso

Please no more requests for these stupid HYPE toys that kids play with until the new commercials erase their wee little noodles. If I have to find another one of those dang electronic critters I'm gonna quit. I mean it! Ya better watch out, ya - uh, now how does that tune go again? "Hey Rudolph, come 'ere!"

Brian K. Preston - 11/18/98 16:01:31
My URL:http://www.mindspring.com/~davido42/smokingranny
My Email:meta4ik@aol.com or prc2010@mindspring.com
Fav Band/Artist: currently: 5uu's, always Gentle Giant
Fav junk food: chips n salsa
Hate this website?: nah
Like this website?: nice so far
Suggestions: more band links!
Nickname/A.K.A.: Fretless - BKP

Nice job John. I'd like to see your graphics work. See ya around the grand ole man - the reverent alter of inescapable benefits: DUMC (you know what I mean)

Shawn Lane - 11/06/98 15:46:09
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/5146/index2.htm
Fav Band/Artist: Dixie Dregs
Fav junk food: Pizza, of course
Nickname/A.K.A.: Shawnie the speed-demon

Hi! Thank you for signing my guestbook! Anyway, take care and I hope to hear from you soon! With Love, Shawn

Rob H. - 11/05/98 20:04:30
My Email:fretz78@hotmail.com
Fav Band/Artist: No faves.
Fav junk food: Sour cream & onion chips
Hate this website?: Naw, it's ok.
Like this website?: Yeah, so far.
Suggestions: Chord charts for tunes. (hate tab)
Nickname/A.K.A.: Fretz

Couldn't find the "hot spot" to submit a joke. Delete me if you've heard this one.

Chris Ogburn - 10/31/98 17:14:26
My URL:http://www.puppetshow.com
My Email:nutwad@lycosmail.com
Fav Band/Artist: At this moment? Gentle Giant
Suggestions: Buy Puppet Show's "Traumatized"!!!


Rhino - 10/17/98 14:53:36
Fav Band/Artist: Captain Beyond
Fav junk food: honey-mustard and onion sourdough pretzel pieces
Hate this website?: Whatever
Like this website?: Ditto
Suggestions: Buy a Captain Beyond rerelease from CDNOW through this website link.
Nickname/A.K.A.: Larry? Rhinehart

Raging river of fear my friends is a runnin' through . . .

Ben Comfort - 10/07/98 12:57:57
My Email:bcomfort@acpub.duke.edu


andrea mj mcelhenny - 10/03/98 02:14:43
My Email:john-andrea@erols.com
Fav Band/Artist: YES
Fav junk food: beer and chocolate
Hate this website?: no
Like this website?: mighty fine
Suggestions: like i should know
Nickname/A.K.A.: tudy

lost socks are not lost--they just walk away by themselves. aahhh--maybe you can answer this nagging question: what is the air speed of a fully laden swallow?

JK - 10/03/98 00:57:06
My URL:http://www.shearon.com
My Email:jk@shearon.com
Fav Band/Artist: Clive
Fav junk food: '71 Lincolns
Hate this website?: Hate is a harsh reality which some of us most face, but you are not known for facing. You're mostly known for siding.
Like this website?: I will like it better.
Suggestions: Photography and someserious Photoshop work.
Nickname/A.K.A.: bassman

Where's the cosmic choo-choo? You draw it, I'll scan it.

Hippy - 10/02/98 11:29:03
My URL:http://stoned.com
My Email:jerry@garcia.com
Fav Band/Artist: the Fugs
Fav junk food: 'shrooms
Hate this website?: What's a website?
Like this website?: huh?
Suggestions: yes
Nickname/A.K.A.: Sunshine

Uh, do I win a prize now?

Jimi Hendrix - 10/01/98 17:20:27
My URL:http://??
My Email:what?
Fav Band/Artist: Frank Marino
Fav junk food: SPAM
Hate this website?: maybe
Like this website?: sorta
Suggestions: Wave on, wave on . . .
Nickname/A.K.A.: Jimi

I believe "1983 A merman I should turn to be" was my only progressive piece. What do you think?

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