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Updated: 3/12/2023


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We wouldn't be a service of honesty
nor of quality if we did such.
What we will do is . . .
fairly and professionally analyze
your music and uniquely offer our opinions
favorable and otherwise.

We rarely modify a posted review.
Only in cases of outright error about
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an incorrect technical statement about
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will ever be modified.

It just doesn't work that way.

If you cannot "take the heat" of a real review
please do not send EER your music.
If you want the real scoop -- then
your are encouraged to send us your music.

Thank-you, EER Editor


E.E.R staff info

John W. Patterson, EER Editor
E.E.R. Editor, Webmaster, Reviewer,
Other: Writer, Artist, Guitarist, Synth player

Bio/Personal Saga

I was born in Washington, D.C., USA. I grew up in probably, the lowest middle-class, blue-collar echelon that suburban Maryland offered. Unfortunately, music lessons were out of the question. So my creative energies were expressed in art and writing then and continue unabated to this day. But at the core of my being dwelt the Muse of Song. I heard it nonstop, in phrases, passages, riffs, drones, and endless rhythms.

  • At twelve years old, after years of Top 40 pop's mindless banter, I heard Blue Cheer, Hendrix, then Cream, Jeff Beck, Led Zep, Grand Funk, and so forth. I bought the guitar and the amp. I would seek to emulate the heroes.
    Young John W. Patterson abuses fusion for you.
    Not so. Friends of mine with musical training took off sailing as I stumbled along "fretting". They formed bands, played at high school dances and well -- I sold all my gear and said forget it.

I continued listening, dreaming, and discovering new sounds. Whether it was Tonto's Expanding Head Band, Delius, Horslips, or Captain Beyond -- it was all a fascinating beauty. I have spent thousands of hours in record shops, flea markets, yard sales looking for just one more and then I'd stop. Yeah, right.

  • One day a close musician friend of mine loaned me Mahavishnu Orchestra's Birds of Fire. He said this was where it was at and told me to give it time to sink in and push aside all the other rock in my head. He was right. Soon I was snapping up all the jazzrock fusion and progressive rock I could find. Having a well-to-do friend in college who later opened a high-end stereo store helped immensely in my exposure to imports as well. I never looked back. I even went out grabbed another guitar not long after hearing Mahavishnu John burn the frets on Inner Mounting Flame. I've done the band practice thing, performed live, gone through the band break-up thing, reformed, drifted apart, and yet I still seek that liquid legato lead break 25 years later.

So here I am now, reviewing music for various magazines, websites, and inter-networking with artists to see them get the exposure they deserve and need. I hope to see "killer fusion" make a comeback and witness progressive rock make a monster return as well. The 21st century is looking good for great music. I'll continue to riff away the minutes here and there but mostly enjoy the "soul-fire" that burns all around me in listening to music that matters -- music that goes a step further.

  • I write or have written music reviews and articles for fAZE3 Magazine, Progression Magazine, Alternate Music Press, All Music Guide, and All About Jazz.com.

    (until mp3.com and vivendi universal screwed things up royally
    finally killing the whole site straight into dot-com oblivion!)

If you are seeking out-of-print and hard-to-find CDs/DVDs/Books . . .
try my here.
"Jazz Fusion Guy" @ Amazon page

  • The Desert Island List:

    • ________________________
      for EER Editor

      (album title/piece(s)- artist/composer)

      1. North Country Sketches/Life's Dance/Song of Summer - Frederick Delius (Sir Charles Groves conducting the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 1975, Angel S-37140)
      2. Mysterious Mountain - Alan Hovhaness (R.I.P.- 2000)
      3. Inner Mounting Flame - Mahavishnu Orchestra
      4. Hymn To The Seventh Galaxy - Return To Forever
      5. Jet Lag - Premiata Forneria Marconi
      6. Crafty Hands - Happy The Man
      7. Symphonic Pictures - S.F.F.
      8. Black Noise - FM
      9. One Of A Kind - Bruford
      10. Vimana - Nova
      11. YR - Steve Tibbetts
      12. Wingful Of Eyes - Gong
      13. Captain Beyond - Captain Beyond
      14. 801 - Phil Manzanera
      15. UK - UK
      16. Tarkus - ELP
      17. Electric Ladyland - Jimi Hendrix
      18. Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
      19. Book Of Invasions - Horslips
      20. Ice Water - Leo Kottke
      21. New Jerusalem - Tim Blake
      22. Flightpath - Jonn Serrie
      23. Quiet Music - Steve Roach
      24. Surrender - James Johnson

      EER-MUSIC.com & its popular WEER RADIO STREAMING MP3 SHOW Thanks for your help friends!!

Hannah Michael Gale Shapero

(Hannah joined the E.E.R. staff in September 1999 as our resident ambient and tribal electronic/ space music enthusiast/reviewer. Her reviews have appeared in magazines such as Wind and Wire and at fine websites such as Steve Roach's Official Site.)

Hannah is artist, illustrator, scholar, and the person in Pyracantha Studios.


I was born in Boston, Mass. and grew up in the Boston area and in Rome, Italy. My father is a classical music composer, Harold Shapero. My mother, Esther Geller, is an artist. Their heritage of art, music, and high culture has been my joy all my life.

  • I studied Classics--Greek and Latin--as an undergraduate at Brandeis University and as a graduate at Harvard. I was also active as an artist and writer during that time. In 1978 I left academia for an art career, and in 1981 became a professional artist. I have studied art at the Boston University art school but most of my training has been with private teachers, especially my mother.

My specialties in art are science fiction, fantasy, and architecture. I also do commercial illustration, usually for real estate and computer-related advertisements. I have done many science fiction book covers, magazine covers, interior illustrations, and countless private commissions.

HMGS' 25 Favorite New Age, Electronic, or Experimental Music Albums:

  • ________________________

    1. WORLD'S EDGE by Steve Roach
    2. RAINFOREST by Robert Rich
    3. THE CELESTINE PROPHECY by Christopher Franke
    4. SKY OF GRACE by Paul Avgerinos
    5. 76:14 by Global Communications
    6. LIGHT FANTASTIC by Steve Roach
    7. NOVUS MAGNIFICAT by Constance Demby
    8. CHRONOS SOUNDTRACK by Michael Stearns
    9. INDIGO by Patrick O'Hearn
    10. GAUDI by Robert Rich
    11. TO THE EVENING CHILD by Steven Micus
    12. RAIN by Kevin Braheny and Tim Clark
    13. DESERT SOLITAIRE by Roach, Stearns, and Braheny
    14. QUANTUM MECHANICS by Craig Huxley
    15. ISLAND by David Arkenstone
    16. BEGUILED by Tim Story
    17. BODY ELECTRIC by Steve Roach and Vir Unis
    18. MONTREUX LIVE by Montreux Quintet
    19. PAST LIGHT by William Ackerman
    20. CHINA by Vangelis
    21. SOMETHING OF TIME by Nightnoise
    22. AT THE EDGE by Mickey Hart and others
    23. THE BLIND MESSENGER by Forrest Fang (replaces "Peaceful Evening" by bros. Gordon)
    24. NEW FRIEND by Paul Halley and Eugene Friesen
    25. SOMA by Steve Roach and Robert Rich (replaces MUSE OF THE ROUND SKY by Paul Avgerinos)

Jim Brenholts and wife

Jim Brenholts

(Editors note: Jim passed away in late 2009. He will be missed greatly by all who knew him well. Jim joined the EER-MUSIC.com staff in December 2001, He is a published authority on ambient, electronic, space and such synth-driven musicks. Welcome!)

Whenever I write my own bio, I am hesitant to do so. My humility (I hope and pray that I have some!) and ego (I know that I have that in large quantities!) are in constant conflict. So, I write it like I write reviews. I just put the pencil on the paper and trust that God will guide my hand!

I am a native of Pittsburgh, PA, having been born here on March 4, 1956 (3/4/56 - cool!). I have never seen fit to stray beyond the boundaries of southwestern Pennsylvania except for vacations and business trips. After graduating from Thomas Jefferson High School in 1974, I took a circuitous path through college and graduated from the University of Pittsburgh (where else?) in 1981 with a B.S. in business administration. After graduation, I held various sales, sales management and sales training positions until 1987.

After several family tragedies (including my own divorce) in 1987, I became a management consultant. I stayed in that career through 1994. At times I prospered and at times I floundered. I always persevered!

My greatest turning points, however, have been my introduction to 12-step recovery in January of 1988 and my marriage to Linda on July 29, 1989. Those events have led - directly and indirectly - to my current position as a drug and alcohol rehabilitation counselor at Gateway Rehab Center. After earning a certificate in counseling at Carlow College I started working at GRC on June 5, 1995.

My electronic music journeys began in the early 1970's with Tangerine Dream, Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre and - of course! - Tonto's Expanding HeadBand. The irony of the whole journey is my intro to the music. I used to listen to electronic music as a background to misguided indiscretions and my futile attempts at mind expansion. In short, I missed the boat completely!

Those of you who have come to know me, either through electronic or personal communication or through reading my reviews, know that I now take a completely different approach in my deep listening. I absolutely embrace the spiritual and emotional currents of the music and I look for ways to connect with the artists! It is a very rewarding practice.

Have a great day and God bless you!

The Desert Island List:

  • ________________________
    for Jim Brenholts

    (artist/composer-album title/piece(s))

    01.) The Beau Hunks � Original Little Rascals Music
    02.) Meg Bowles � From the Dark Earth
    03.) Robert Carty � The Inexplicable
    04.) Cyber Zen Sound Engine/Matt Borghi � Intercepted Transmissions
    05.) Constance Demby � Faces of the Christ
    06.) Mathias Grassow/Jim Cole � The Hollow
    07.) Steve Hillage � Rainbow Dome Music
    08.) Bill Laswell � City of Light
    09.) Lustmord � The Place Where the Black Stars Hang
    10.) Ma Ja Le/James Johnson � Seed
    11.) Jeff Pearce � To the Shores of Heaven
    12.) Robert Rich � Humidity
    13.) Robert Rich � Shambala
    14.) Steve Roach � On This Planet
    15.) Steve Roach � Core
    16.) Steve Roach � Streams and Currents
    17.) Steve Roach/Robert Rich � Soma
    18.) Steve Roach/Vidna Obmana � Ascension of Shadows
    19.) Tangerine Dream � Stratosfear
    20.) Robert Scott Thompson � Frontier
    21.) Robert Scott Thompson � Alchemy
    22.) Robert Scott Thompson/James Johnson � Forgotten Places
    23.) Tonto�s Expanding Head Band � Rides Again
    24.) Vidna Obmana � Tremor
    25.) Vidna Obmana/Jeff Pearce � True Stories

Jon "Dharma"

(Jon joined the E.E.R. staff in July 2000 as a multi-genre reviewer. He leaves us in July of 2003 to trickle in some reviews as time worms on . . .)

Jon "Dharma" was born in the early 80's into a middle-class family in Tennessee. For the first 13 or 14 years of his life, he pretty much wandered aimlessly and then discovered music. Before learning any instruments, he began composition and theory lessons, which were later to prove valuable as they enabled Jon to pick up instruments rather quickly. At the time, the only thing he listened to was the standard 90's alternative music, but found that it didn't seem to be what the music he was writing was like. Via pseudo-progressive classic rock bands like Kansas and Led Zeppelin, Jon discovered Yes, and ultimately progressive rock, which finally displayed the sounds and ideas he'd tried in vain to produce in his own compositions. Fairly soon, the music was an important part of Jon's life, constantly challenging him compositionally and instrumentally. Jon now plays keyboards, bass, guitar, drums, mallet percussion, mandolin, and tin whistle in a constantly fluctuating number of bands and projects.

The Desert Island List:

  • ________________________
    for Jon "Dharma"

    (artist/composer-album title/piece(s))

    (1) Locanda Delle Fate, Forse le Lucciole Non Si Amano Piu
    (2) Magma, Mekanik Destructiw Kommandoh
    (3) Univers Zero, Heresie
    (4) Genesis, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
    (5) Yes, Tales From Topographic Oceans
    (6) Discipline, Unfolded Like Staircase
    (7) Fates Warning, A Pleasant Shade of Grey
    (8) Il Balletto di Bronzo, YS
    (9) Le Orme, Felona e Sorona
    (10) Van der Graaf Generator, Godbluff
    (11) Art Bears, Hopes and Fears
    (12) MorningStar, Vision
    (13) Pulsar, Halloween
    (14) Devil Doll, The Girl Who Was Death
    (15) Magma, Live/Hhai

    Scott Andrews

    (Scott joined the E.E.R. staff in July 2000 as a metal/fusion reviewer.)


    Scott Andrews is fascinated by patterns - in language, in history, in pitching; in the micromachinery of cellular life, and in music. By day he studies protein molecular structure, and by night he reads, listens to music, watches baseball, writes fiction, and writes and plays polyrhythmic technical metal with his instrumental trio Actual Time.

    Scott's foundation is in classic thrash metal, including mid 80s Metallica and Iron Maiden, and fusion, including Mahavishnu Orchestra. His current musical interests include improvised heavy music such as Hellborg/Lane, 70s King Crimson, and the recent King Crimson Projekcts.

    Scott's CD review specialty is technical metal, the few metal bands worldwide that reach beyond the vapid, cheesy art-rock that "prog metal" has become to create truly progressive and very heavy original music. Scott's top technical metal bands of all time are be Watchtower, Spastic Ink, Spiral Architect, and Meshuggah.

    Most recent interesting book read:

  • "Out of the Silent Planet," C.S. Lewis

    Most recent interesting CDs heard:

  • Andy Summers / Robert Fripp "I Advance Masked"
  • Projekct One "Live at the Jazz Cafe"

    Scott's 15 Essential Records

    • ________________________

      (artist/composer-album title/piece(s))

      Here's a list of the 15 records I consider essential in terms of the impact thay have had or are having on me, at various stages in my musical development, in purely random order.

      • Metallica - Master of Puppets
      • Miles Davis - In A Silent Way
      • King Crimson - Red
      • Iron Maiden - Powerslave
      • Meshuggah - None
      • Mahavishnu Orchestra - Inner Mounting Flame
      • Cynic - Focus
      • Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
      • Gustav Holtz - The Planets
      • Steve Coleman and Five Elements - The Tao of Mad Phat
      • Spastic Ink - Ink Complete
      • Herbie Hancock - Maiden Voyage
      • The Police - Synchronicity
      • J. S. Bach - Brandenburg Concertos
      • W. A. Mozart - Symphony No. 40

      ******************************************************************* check out Scott Andrews' web gig too . . .
      --- http://www.people.virginia.edu/~sha3u --- CD reviews of major & underground | soundclips of my technical prog/thrash metal & jazz fusion | metal/jazz band ACTUAL TIME ******************************************************************* "metal isn't dead, it just smells funny." -Zappa paraphrase

      L. Perez

      (L. Perez joined the E.E.R. staff in July 2000 as a funk-hip, multi-genre reviewer.)

      L. Perez grew up in and around NYC during the 70s. He started his music collection in 1977 when he ordered 15 cassettes for a penny from Columbia House. Included in that first batch of albums were Kansas, Styx, Heart, Foreigner and Boston. He first heard Funkadelic in 1979 and started collecting all of their albums. He has one of the most comprehensive collections of progressive R&B and Funk you are ever likely to see. He first heard Fusion in 1980 when he purchased Stanley Clarke's brown album. Since that date he has endeavored to amass the most comprehensive collection of instrumental progressive music on the face of the planet. One night in 1986, after seeing Joe Satriani at The Bottom Line, he met another concert attendee who was surprisingly into Funk. They started trading tapes of music eachother hadn't heard; it was soon thereafter that L. heard P.F.M. for the first time and started to expand his ProgRock collection beyond just the English singing bands. Considering that Fusion and most of the R&B, Latin and Funk artists he collects are every bit as progressive as ProgRock, the total number of progressive albums in his collection will likely reach 5,000 by the year 2001. L. Perez is a top national Swing dance competitor and instructor/choreographer. He lives with his wife and partner 'Spider' in Tucson, AZ.

      The Desert Island List:

      • ________________________
        for L. Perez

        (artist/composer-album title/piece(s))

        Area - Arbeit Macht Frei
        Bad Brains - I Against I
        Il Balleto di Bronzo - yS
        Banco - Io Sono Nato Libero
        Bill Bruford - One of a Kind
        Camel - The Snow Goose
        Stanley Clarke - Stanley Clarke
        The Clash - Sandinista
        Billy Cobham - Spectrum
        Miles Davis - Pangaea
        Funkadelic - Standing on the Verge of Getting it on
        Gong - You
        Herbie Hancock - Headhunters
        Happy the Man - Crafty Hands
        Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland
        King Crimson - Lark's Tongues in Aspic
        Le Orme - Contrappunti
        Mingo Lewis - Flight Never Ending
        Mahavishnu Orchestra - Birds of Fire
        Mandrill - S/T
        Curtis Mayfield - Curtis
        Ozric Tentacles - Erpland
        P. F. M. - Per un Amico
        Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
        Jean Luc Ponty - Imaginary Voyage
        Return to Forever - Where Have I Known You Before
        Il Rovescio Della Medaglia - Contaminazione
        Santana - Lotus
        Shylock - Ile de Fievre
        War - Platinum Jazz
        Weather Report - Sweetnighter
        Lenny White - Venusian Summer

    Chris Ruel


    (Chris joined the E.E.R. staff in Feb. 2002 as a guitar-driven, fusion, shred, neo-classical, blues, reviewer.)


    I was born in Farifield County, CT to parents who both played musical instruments and were adamant followers of European classical music. Early on, I was trained for piano by an instructor well-versed in classical, jazz, and show music. During teenage years, I picked up the guitar and studied rock, blues, and jazz with a local instructor. In college at the University of Connecticut, where I earned a degree in Systems Engineering, I continued my study of various genres of music and broadened my musical interests further into the progressive and classical genres.

    After college, I travelled to and lived in many areas in the Eastern US. I had the opportunity to meet and train with several instructors who had exceptional command over neoclassical and progressive techniques, notably GIT graduate, Lee Wertman of Center Valley, PA, and Louisville guitar wizard, Sam Baker. These instructors added a whole new dimension to my understanding and appreciation of music (not to mention my playing) by exposing me to the difficulties and intracacies involved in modern progressive guitar techniques.

    I prefer music that is centered around thematic development and strives for melodic invention. I enjoy music from many genres, including neoclassical, classical, jazz, blues, jazz fusion, and progressive rock. I particularly enjoy the musicians who have been able to bring all of the technical elements of music together and are able to transcend the mechanics involved while imparting feeling in their playing. Many of my favorites appear in my Desert Island List.

    My interests outside of music include motocross, superbikes, and my menagerie of pets (as some call it). I am also known fairly widely on the East Coast for my riding accomplishments in show jumping with horses. But, music has always been an essential cornerstone of my life and is always there with me at work and at play.

    You can visit me at my web site to learn more about me at www.ChrisRuel.com. You can find many links to music related web sites on my web site.

    "Chris Ruel's Monthly Music Spotlight"

    The Desert Island List:

    • ________________________
      for Chris Ruel

      (in pseudo-chronological order as they came to me):

      WA Mozart, Piano Concertos 20 & 21,
      WA Mozart, Requiem
      LVB, Piano Sonatas: Moonlight, Pathetique, Appassionata
      Frederic Chopin, Maurizio Pollini: Opus 28 - Preludes; Opus 10, 25 - Etudes
      Nicolo Paganini, Violin Concertos
      Eric Clapton, Crossroads Collection
      Allman Brothers Band, A Decade Of Hits
      Santana, Supernatural
      Stevie Ray Vaughan, Couldn�t Stand The Weather
      Al Di Meola, Kiss My Axe
      Yngwie Malmsteen, Rising Force
      Tony MacAlpine, Maximum Security
      Tony MacAlpine, Violent Machine
      Marty Friedman, True Obsessions
      Greg Howe, Introspection
      Greg Howe, Five
      Vitalij Kuprij with Greg Howe, High Definition
      Vitalij Kuprij with George Bellas, Extreme Measures
      Uli Jon Roth, Transcendental Sky Guitar
      Borislav Mitic, Fantasy
      Theodore Ziras, Trained To Play
      Paul Gilbert, Bee Hive Live
      Scott Henderson, Dog Party
      Shawn Lane, Powers of Ten Live
      George Benson, Best Of George Benson: The Instrumentals
      Dave Santoro, Standards Band
      Diana Krall, All For You: A Tribute to Nat King Cole
      Diana Krall, In Person (I mean, could I have her in person on the desert island? You know, if
      you are going to take all of that other music away from me, it is the least you can do!!!
      heh heh. And, that is really one too many, but can you blame me for trying to sneak in the
      lovely Ms. Krall?)


    Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

    (Keith joined the EER-MUSIC.com staff in May 2003. He is a prolific media reviewer with over a thousand CD/DVD/LP/etc reviews, articles, and interviews online. His knowledge covers a wide genre base over many decades of music. Welcome MUZIKMAN!)

    I got my start in the music business back in 1998 when I built my own website and started to post my reviews and interviews. Eventually I added more features to the site such as news and other writer's content. It all became too much to handle and I wanted to focus on my writing, so I began to join other music websites and everything grew from that point on. My affiliations are currently with many excellent websites that post my content on a regular basis.

    It is my goal to continue to grow as a writer and offer the reader and music lover eclectic coverage in both Indie and Major label recordings. I particularly enjoy dealing with the independent artists. Their commitment, attitude, and spirit of adventure are what drive me. That source of energy thrives on the Internet and helps my work to flourish. I wish to continue to work supporting people that have the same beliefs and feelings I do about being independent and using the Internet as an outlet of expression.

    (Keith resides in a media-buried, Hobbit-holed lifestyle that the North East Shire of USA offers him)

    The Desert Island List:

    • ________________________
      for Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

      (artist/composer-album title/piece(s))

      1. David Bowie-Station To Station
      2. Black Sabbath-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
      3. Jeff Beck-Blow By Blow
      4. Sweet-Desolation Boulevard
      5. The Beatles-Red & Blue Albums Greatest Hits
      6. Blue Oyster Cult-Agents of Fortune
      7. Pink Floyd-Dark Side of The Moon
      8. The Ventures-EP Collection (4 Discs/Japanese Import)
      9. The Shadows-In The 60�s
      10. Santana-Inner Secrets
      11. UFO-Phenomena
      12. Deep Purple-Burn
      13. 10CC-How Dare You
      14. Foghat-Energized
      15. Grand Funk-Were An American Band
      16. Peter Frampton-Frampton Comes Alive
      17. Jimi Hendrix Experience-BBC Sessions
      18. Led Zeppelin-Physical Graffiti
      19. The Rolling Stones-Hot Rocks
      20. Slacktone-Slacktone


      Steven Davies-Morris

      (Steven joined the E.E.R. staff in December 1999 as our resident multi-genre reviewer. Now retired from EER duties to pursue his own musical visions.)

      Steven was born in Muswell Hill, London, near St. John�s Wood, in 1958, so he is a genuine Muswell Hillbilly. He moved to the United States in 1974 to attend college, and stayed. He is married to Sandy, with two sons, Trevor (age 6) and Ian (age 2). They live in Santa Ana in Southern California, from where he provides database consulting, programming and training services. He has been a data processing professional since 1979, having made the transition from "Cool! I�m getting paid to write this program" to " I must get paid a great deal to have any interest in writing this program".

      • Steven has been an avid music nut all his life, singing and playing in a variety of rock bands in the seventies and eighties when he lived in San Diego, California. After a fifteen-year hiatus from music he has returned to composing in partnership with his life-long friend Gregory Amov. A CD is planned for release sometime in 2000 AD, under the project name Systems Theory, in a style they refer to as spacey progressive world music with attitude. He will mainly be reviewing progressive rock and related genres for EER.

      Steven�s personal web-page can be found at:


      The Systems Theory official web-site can be found at:

      (Listen to Real Audio or MP3s of Systems Theory tunes: "Breakdance In Hell" and "Under Oriental Skies".)

      The Desert Island List:

      • ________________________
        for Steven Davies-Morris

        (artist/composer-album title/piece(s))

        Coming soon??

      Michael Askounes

      (Michael joined the E.E.R. staff in July 2000 as a mainstreamish/progressive reviewer. Now in retirement from reviewing as of 2/2001 . . . EER misses ya man!)

      Michael is a 32-year old technical professional (read: computer geek) who has spent his entire life living in the Washington, DC suburbs of Maryland. At the age of 5, he had already discovered his hippie mother's Led Zeppelin and Beatles collection (which also unfortunately included Three Dog Night albums, but we don't talk about that), and immediately fell in love with scratching the hell out of his mother's records. His brief, but putrid, musical career was spent as a lead guitarist for a band named "Hectic Buddha," which made a name for itself by grossing a total of $7.69 for a year's worth of gigging. The money, coupled with $2 that were "borrowed" from the singer's wife, allowed Michael and his band mates to split a celebratory bottle of Ripple with a man named "Elbow Jones" who lived behind the bar the band used to frequent. Michael has since gotten married and fathered two wonderful children, and spends his spare time single-handedly keeping Amazon and CDNow in business. Michael also enjoys taking his family on long, country drives where he subjects his wife and two young children to "King Crimson" until they pass out from the sonic impact. This allows Michael a few hours of peace and quiet, before his family's cries of "Can we PLEASE listen to the radio?!" or "Can we listen to the Sesame Street tape?!" are once again heard.

      The Desert Island List:

      • ________________________
        for Michael Askounes

        In no particular order (except for No. 1):
        1. The Beatles' (White Album) - The Beatles
        2. Altered Beast - Matthew Sweet
        3. OK Computer - Radiohead
        4. Wind & Wuthering - Genesis
        5. Tales from Topographic Oceans - Yes
        6. Great White North - Bob & Doug McKensie
        7. The ConstruKction of Light - King Crimson
        8. Misplaced Childhood - Marillion
        9. Ninth Symphony - the amazing Mr. Beethoven
        10. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway - Genesis
        11. Woodface - Crowded House
        12. Freak Show - Silverchair
        13. Physical Graffiti - Led Zeppelin
        14. Hemispheres - Rush
        15. Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic - The Sundays
        16. Compact Disc - Public Image Ltd.
        17. Songs in the Key of Life - Stevie Wonder
        18. "Purple" - Stone Temple Pilots
        19. Close to the Edge - Yes
        20. Signify - Porcupine Tree
        21. The Flat Earth - Thomas Dolby
        22. King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime - Faith No More
        23. Aladdin Sane - David Bowie
        24. Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, and Howe - ABWH
        25. In God We Trust, Inc. - Dead Kennedys


        David R. Adler

        (David joined the E.E.R. staff in July 1999 as one fine-tuned, contributing reviewer. He was a definite asset to E.E.R. as he finally went on to bigger thing$ in 2001!)


        David is a decade-plus Manhattan resident and guitarist. He attended Berklee College of Music from 1986 to 1987 and transferred to the New School Jazz and Contemporary Music Program, finishing his BFA in 1990. He writes regularly for All About Jazz.com. In addition to heading his own straightahead jazz groups, David does freelance guitar work for a variety of New York-based pop singer/songwriters.

        The Desert Island List:

        • ________________________
          for David R. Adler

          (artist/composer-album title/piece(s))

          1. Miles Davis, E.S.P.
          2. Herbie Hancock, Empyrean Isles
          3. Wayne Shorter, Speak No Evil
          4. Wynton Marsalis, Black Codes From the Underground
          5. Joni Mitchell, Court and Spark
          6. Jacky Terrasson, Reach
          7. Sonny Rollins, Live at the Village Vanguard, vols. 1 & 2
          8. John Coltrane, Crescent
          9. Jimi Hendrix, Axis: Bold As Love
          10. Dave Kikoski, self-titled
          11. Pat Metheny Group, Travels
          12. Chick Corea, Three Quartets
          13. Me'shell Ndegeocello, Peace Beyond Passion
          14. Allan Holdsworth, I.O.U.
          15. Yes, Yessongs
          16. Black Sabbath, Paranoid
          17. Jane's Addiction, Ritual De Lo Habitual
          18. Mahavishnu Orchestra, The Inner Mounting Flame
          19. Nat "King" Cole Trio, After Midnight
          20. Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin IV
          21. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Uplift Mofo Party Plan
          22. Van Halen, Women and Children First

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This is a NEW public service announcement from E.E.R. (I hope I offend none.)

You don't need that alcohol to get you through the next few gigs. You don't need that cannabis buzz to inspire you. Those prescription drugs have "relaxed" you long enough. The shrooms, the acid are deluding you into a false sense of what's the real deal. Speed is slowin' you down. The heroin and the crack are killing you. Your dreams and your life are headed for a meaningless, senseless doom.

If any of this is you -- get professional help TODAY.

Nothing, nothing is worth throwing it all away. Never. Life is way too precious to play with. If you have a friend in need of kickin' the habit -- help them get help. Don't look the other way. There is hope. There is someone who cares -- somewhere. Be it AA or God or a loving friend or all of the above -- you CAN beat this thing. Many others have.

You can too -- before it's too late.


My former music reviews staff.

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