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Zero Ohms
Spatial, Glacial, Nebulous

 Spatial, Glacial, Nebulous is almost the 
perfect meditation CD. Richard J. Roberts, 
a.k.a. Zero Ohms, created this album live 
in his studio using only a wind-controlled synth. He 
created it for his own introspective and meditative 
journeys but found it so successful that he has made 
it available through SpaceForMusic 

these subtle atmospheres are elegant and spacious. 
They surround deep listeners with grace, warmth 
and love. The response is very deep and very 

(When I experience responses like this, I have to 
step out of character and own the adventure.  In 
order to do that, I must write in the first person.)
as many of my friends and associates in the e-music 
community already know, the past two to three 
years have been very trying for me – physically and 
emotionally. Throughout these ordeals and troubled 
times, I have constantly turned to music as a source 
of comfort in my holistic healing routines. 

Lately, I have been dealing with major league knee 
pain – consistently at seven and eight (on a scale of 
ten), 24/7. when I got my copy of  Spatial, 
Glacial, Nebulous, I put it into my routine 
immediately. I have experienced tremendous relief 
with this disc!  I’m talking about my pain going to 
levels three and four! I have been a believer in and 
practitioner of healing meditation for years. This, 
however, is the most significant and tangible 
experience that I have ever had! 

Thank you, Richard, for the relief! This is an 
absolutely essential CD and, for me, a true gift from 
God at the right time! - Jim Brenholts

Zero Ohms True Degrees of Freedom True Degrees of Freedom features Richard Roberts, a.k.a. Zero Ohms, doing what he does best -- quiet introspective minimalism with depth, clarity and soul. He combines his multi-instrumental talent with some offbeat samples to create "surround sound" atmospheres. He adds a lot of layers and processes to deliver a flawless soundscape. These short to mid range (5-min to 12-min) pieces have their own rhythms but are essentially beatless. Richard has very quietly and deliberately become one of the community's brightest e-minimalists. He has risen to the perpendicular universe with this disc, one of 2003's best. ~ Jim Brenholts
Zero Ohms: Atma-Spheric Surfaces (CD, 71:54); ZOP, ZOP OPUS 03 Zero Ohms P.O. Box 1641 Collierville, TN 38027 E-mail: Cyberhome Zero Ohms is Richard J. Roberts and breathing mysterious worlds of sound is his gift. Roberts is a wind(breath)-controlled synth master. He also adds a myriad of other eclectic wind instruments to the mix to evoke a strange soundspace. You probably won’t recognize these many tools he uses as their trademark sound is somehow transmuted into a Zero Ohms dimension of uniqueness. But what is good about this mutation is its subtle shifts and turns away from the norm make for a truly adventurous ambient journey. Roberts does a superb job in creating moods and movements that are his very own brand of akilter ambience. When he mirrors anyone else it might be brief echoes of Deuter, Robert Scott Thompson, or perhaps a trace of Richard Bone’s The Spectral Ships. The rest of the time, Roberts is wonderfully “out there” on his own soul-flight. Zero Ohms offers gripping, interdimensional, and wholly unearthly views across timeless Metaverses where physical law is null and void. Sundry sonic surprises crop up to slightly “jolt” your psyche but 95% of this release is oddly blissful dream-track. How Roberts does so much with that wind-synth is astonishingly pleasing to experience. What an ambient “breath of freshness” and therefore highly recommended. ~ John W. Patterson Personnel: Richard J. Roberts on Wind-Synth and various breath-driven devices from his huge eclectic collection from around the globe . . . Tracks: Aurora, New Infinitude, The Locard Principle, Lovingly Standing Back, The Power of Nothingness, Schumann Waves, Radha Shabda, Only Infinity Is Bliss

Zero Ohms: Supreme*Infinite*Essence (CD, 67:29); ZOP, ZOP OPUS 05 Zero Ohms P.O. Box 1641 Collierville, TN 38027 E-mail: Cyberhome Zero Ohms is still Richard J. Roberts. But this is a departure from the ambient way of his earlier releases. Supreme*Infinite*Essence is what I will call “Chaos- Ambient” or perhaps “Random Acts of Ambience”. You will find some true restful fugues but there is a fluttering of “sound-flashes” and “eruptive-palette” colorings and harsh-edged tonings. Twelve treks range from 3:38 to 8:49 which whirl your brain through multi-variate ambiences. This is a complex listen but Zero Ohms shows polished delivery and concept down the winding way. You are given “living snapshots” of forgotten memories. Experience punctuated equlibriae of nirvanas, walk misty mazes of Maya, and feel the shredding embrace of Kali.
	This is experimental, sound poetry, disturbing, eerie, strains of Matrix-
nightmared vistas unfolding. At times you wander ominous soundings of distant 
ghostly trains, of waiting rooms for dislocated souls, and are flung at the feet of 
cybernetic mutants that wander extra-dimensional abattoirs. Oh yes, there are 
respites, lulls, and inner exhalations but Roberts never allows complete release of 
tension -- what lies ahead may shock and bewilder.
	Hear noise-meets-essence, vision-unveils-cold reality as Zero Ohms opens a 
new “Underworld” and then opens even that realm’s sub-basement door. Within 
dwell aggravated obliterations, numbing nothingness, and persistent non-entities. 
Where did Roberts find these sounds of madness and fever dream?
	Supreme*Infinite*Essence is recommended to mutate your houseplant 
and confuse the neighbor’s cat. Zero Ohms, send this to the soundtrax office 
planning the Matrix sequels. You have a chance, really! Do not play this before 
spelunking or space shuttle launch. You may not find your way home. “Bzzzt!”
	~ John W. Patterson

Personnel: Richard J. Roberts on Wind-Synth and various breath-driven devices 
from his huge eclectic collection from around the globe . . . and devices 

Tracks: Formless, Of Pathos,   2% Timeless,   Lichteberg Figures,   Looking In On 
Schrödinger’s Cat,   Quantum Non-Locality,   Terminal Velocity: Infinite,   Luxon 
Æterna,   Nada Thing,   On the Yin Side,   Scientists Falling In Love,   15 Roads 
To Silence,   Supreme Infinite Essence


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