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SourceCodeX aka John W. Patterson

Well it's time for you to critique the critic.

EER's Editor-in-chief lays his neck
on the olde "choppin' block".
Try a quik sample here:


Codex Hypnos
and have a listen.

Albums: Ambient Space Music (CD-R format) CodeX Hypnos is available now!

As far as my first CD goes . . .

Itza real head trip to get into -- truly consciouness-shifting . . . I am a very critical guy and a pefectionist and after years of hearing and reviewing the best and the worst of many genres I sorta know what is cool vs sonic-doo-doo -- So . . . I wrote this stuff for my own pleasure to get off on and zone out / chemical-free trip on and it works! Some stuff is relaxing, some is very creepy, and other stuff is just fun to experience like a sci-fi flick for yer ears. I hope other folks find it a novel experience too.

Codex Hypnos is a semi-thematic creation beginning with a deep-space / deep-consciousness explorer being "put under" and "tripping the light fantastic" of other realms. As life itself presents us, our cosmick voyager encounters placid zones of light as well as disturbing circles of discontent and darkness. The outro piece is an unsettling trip towards the death of Time and what lies beyond all we believe . . . enjoy the trip. I did.

Pass on the word about this Codex Hypnos release to yer buds.

Early Reviews of Codex Hypnos:

"John! Very cool ambient music, very cool!" ~ Jim Brenholts, All Music Guide writer/reviewer and published author on ambient musicks

" . . . what pleasure to hear you enjoying your creativity. I can feel the love you have for this music and the great digital tools you are using. Keep the music coming, keep creating John, it's already good and it's only going to get better. Glad to welcome you as a fellow artist." ~ Don Slepian, (synth music pioneer)

"Like Jeff Greinke's work, dark, brooding, and really tasteful. A fantastic mix of quiet ambience AND motion . . . a great, balanced work. Not too mellow, not too active, just great stuff I highly recommend. Mature and confident, yet creative and exploratory, this shows us all what an experienced person can do when he puts his mind to it." ~ Gayle Ellett of Djam Karet

"Gorgeous!! Deep, and dark, and full of energy ... this is really really good music my friend! The structure is fantastic ... and very adventurous. Not the typical gooshy ambient space music ear candy we so often hear. Very well done!!!!" ~ Palancar (ambient composer and recording artist)

"Thanks for sharing your music. It sounds very good. Keep up the good work!" ~ Dino Pacifici, synth music composer and artist

"Just to say how much I like your music. Its great! keep it up. I have a band called Wood, and we do the same sort of thing. Its really nice to hear music that is going in the same direction as we are." ~ Wood

"'innerworldstoptime' is cool: I like the shifting speeds of the drone-- almost race car-in-outerspace sounding...." ~ Gears of Sand

Please e-mail SourceCodeX with your valued opinions.
I humbly await your verdict.
All critiques will be added on this page as
they come in to E.E.R.
You prefer not to be quoted here? Just tell me so.

You tell me YOUR ideas
for a tune and SourceCodex will try to create it!

(New songs to be added each month.)



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