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The Code: Figli di Baia (CD, 65:00);
Innercode Music Productions, 002 2000

Inspect now my first impressions, upon receiving this incredible fusion release,

". . . Superb jams, killer compositions, amazing chops, great sound and production, 
sweet-hearted and soulful packaging. Your band is top-notch, keys slayed me, bass 
kicked me so fine, drums right on and JOHN, yeehaw, you are a guitarist's guitarist. I 
heard lotsa Scott Henderson, flashes of Frank Gambale, rocking screams of Germany's fusion-
queen, Susan Weinert, a touch of Holdsworthian speed and grace, bits of Metheny,
echoes of Nguyen Le and best of all a fresh sound all Pelosi's. The Code's
 Richard Evans is amazing on keys reminding me of Jac La Greca's keyboardist.
Your music overall brings to mind Weather Report colliding with early Steps
Ahead whilst holding forth the fire of Tribal Tech yet mirroring the finesse
of Steely Dan. Pat Metheny Group might be another reference but I dig your
guitar-synth MUCH better. This is one of the best fusion releases I have
had the honor of hearing in 2000! Do some more soon!"

Any jazz guitar fan, fusion fan, or just great jazz fan needs to have this in their 
collection. I could easily wax eloquently for two to three pages, going on and on about 
how much listening pleasure Pelosi and The Code have given this reviewer's ears. But I 
spare you all that.

As a fusion reviewer and guitar-driven jazz lover that knows what goes flying and 
what sits rusting on the tarmac -- this is a supersonic treat. It is polished fusion, plenty of 
excellent musicianship and satisfying songwriting. Figli di Baia is intelligent 
fusion, jazz with intrigue, and a pure delight start to finish.
After hundreds of releases come across my desk, then I rip open shrink-wrap and 
pop in acetate boredom disc after disc, it is a real treat for a release like Figli di 
Baia to be like a sudden ray of warm sunshine breaking through the cloudy doldrums 
of so much "filler jazz" out there. Pelosi and The Code are pure light to bask in, a shining 
jazz for the soul, music that satisfies completely. Pelosi, you're a treasure man! And that 
band of yours is a gold mine of talent. I eagerly await to see The Code live someday! 
Ciao. This release gets a two-thumbs up and my ears are smiling.
     ~ John W. Patterson TOP PICKS

John Pelosi - guitar / guitarsynths
Richard Evans - keyboards
Patrick Kilbride  - bass
Paul DeLong - drums
Paul Christopher Caldeira - vocals and percussion
Armando Borg - percussion
Marco Luciani - synth solo on "Explaining Naples"
Rick Fellini - keys on "Corner Pocket"




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