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Lyle Holdahl: PROG (CD, 42:29);

	Many groups try to do progressive rock music, to affect all the 
trappings but it somehow seems contrived, without that certain 
flow and ease. Holdahl however breathes prog and a uniquely fresh 
and satisfying brand that is not borrowed pastiche of all the prog 
before. Holdahl is a master and his keyboard-driven songs pull you 
deep into that "other world" that is progressive rock as it is exactly 
the epitome of art rock.

	Not until the seventh track, "Tavish" do you hear a clear tribute 
to ELP and that Emersonian vibe. All else reigns a splendid waltz of 
NEW progginess and boy oh boy, does this seasoned reviewer 
enjoy such!

	Other prog references? Well, Holdahl's vocal timbre leans to 
Peter Gabriel a bit but wanders into territories all his own and his 
voice is a pure delight  as in professional and without silly prog-
operatic pretense.

	Holdahl crafts a beautiful castle in the clouds of keyboards with 
great solos and effects. And ya know, I never missed not hearing a 
guitar! Holdahl solos very guitar-pentatonic-riffish with slides and 
bends, sustains and such like yer best axe-man doth do. Bravo, 
Lyle! Excellent stuff -- sure to satisfy the pickiest of prog-headz!

	Track to die for is the trilogy, "Spirals in a Box/ Arabesque/ 
Passageways", a great head rush and soul traveling tune.

Personnel: Lyle Holdahl is all keyboards, effects wizardry, the total 
gestalt and ah yes, excellent vocals

Tracks:  10 trax of splendid, tripped-out, high-class prog rock

            ~ John W. Patterson TOP PICKS

Lyle Holdahl: PROG 2 (CD, 40:58); Cyberhome: I suppose true talent and deep inspiration is one of those gifts that the "gods of Muse" give rarely and to have such wonder fall twice upon one's wee noggin for a second CD release is even more unlikely. But such has happened to Holdahl. His follow-up release after his PROG is a yet again a solid hit and this time Holdahl wanders into wildly weird head-spaces with some songs attaining a trance-like or dream sequence quality. You will find a more subdued prog rock with more of a head-tripper's gourmet herein. When I first heard "Cloud Formula/ High Coo/ Rama Rama 1260", I thought I had slipped into a timeless void of aural stasis, a mental "stares" state. I had to look around and make sure reality was still happening. Holdahl has been criticized about the loops and incessant dirge in this song. He stands firm behind its formula. I heartily agree as I am an audiophile known to immerse myself in pieces that loop and recycle themselves for over an hour. Such discipline allows more than just listening to music to transpire. You are able to "go places" via an ever-spiraling staircase soundmesh. Other such genius goodies fill this release. Also recommended is "A Procession of Lemmings" for that building upon building type of prog process that evolves into pure majesty. If you dig Holdahl then add this release to the stack. ~ John W. Patterson TOP PICKS Personnel: Lyle Holdahl is all keyboards, effects wizardry, the total gestalt and ah yes, excellent vocals Tracks: 9 trax of splendid, tripped-out, high-class prog rock


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