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EER-Music.com is sad to report this artist has passed away.
Cause of death: Cancer
Date of death: January 9, 2020

Darshan Ambient
Darshan Ambient: Autumn Light (CD, 60:39); DarshanMusic 1002, 2000 Cyberhome: http://darshan.iuma.com http://sites.netscape.net/dmichaelallison/homepage E-mail: darshanmusic@aol.com A single word to describe Darshan Ambient is serenity. Darshan Ambient, (formerly called Darshan), aka Michael Allison, strives to keep things simple. Rather than employ odd dronings, weird synth effects or layer-upon-layer loopings of brain-overloading sounds -- Darshan Ambient prefers to offer the floating mote instead of swinging the heavy beam. Sparsely airy, easy caresses of synth and piano-voice keys gradually transport the listener into moods of peace and the calming of daydreams. Eno solo piano voice, Budd basics of the ivory way, and Tim Story stylings are all here. Think Windham Hill�s sampler of new electronic music, The Soul of the Machine and such quality. Windham Hill sampler I also heard that Mark Isham soundtrack technique sans brass. Repeating melody lines, synth washes like breezes or gentle tides, graceful line and symmetry, all well-balanced in six vignettes serve to ease the heart. Peace reigneth over the sustained moment with Darshan Ambient. If you are new to Ambience in music, you might start right here to hear simple beauty. This is light-filled warmth and healing -- serenity. Strongly recommended. ~ John W. Patterson Personnel: Darshan Ambient, (Michael Allison) - All synths and keys Tracks: Selfless, The 3rd Day, Lotus On A Sunbeam, Coming Home, Autumn Light, Purple Heart


Darshan Ambient: The End of Days (CD, 70:14); DarshanMusic 1001, 1999 Cyberhome(s): http://darshan.iuma.com http://sites.netscape.net/dmichaelallison/homepage E-mail: darshanmusic@aol.com If Darshan Ambient never released a CD before this nor after this CD � it would be enough, that is, enough to say � Wow! This is a very special man with a very special way to bring peace and serenity across time and space and into the eternal soul. It overflows with gentle flowing ambient sunshine and haze, warmth and cool mists � in the form of sound � melodic sound, a very Eno-driven sound. Allison takes sonic simplicity and dresses her in a way that she shimmers and shines. Her natural melody and flow of aural body line preserved, her tender smile with innocence overwhelming � the beauty is pristine. You listen in awe and you realize Allison has been to heavenly places in the heart that where we all deserve to be guests. Pavilions of alabaster and streets of pearl seem to appear at the edge of the listener's consciousness. When temples of the future are built to honor the sacredness of dreams, this music will waft its magic there . . . I can write no more. I must close my eyes and leave this cold world of computer and endless typing of code. Thank you, Michael, thank you for these visions and the healing. Ahhhhh . . . ~John W. Patterson EER-MUSIC.com TOP PICKS Personnel: Darshan Ambient, (Michael Allison) - All synths Tracks: "Softness of the Late Afternoon", "Love is the Door to Heaven", "The End of Days � Part 1", "Deep Calm", "A Walk Along the Ganges", "Bliss Wave", "Quiet Sun", "Satie's Garden", "Under Your Star", "The End of Days � Part 2"

Darshan Ambient: Skyful of Bliss (CD, 56:30); DarshanMusic 1000, 1998 Cyberhome(s): http://darshan.iuma.com http://sites.netscape.net/dmichaelallison/homepage E-mail: darshanmusic@aol.com This is the debut Darshan Ambient disc, (that I know of), and it offers a glimpse into his growth, seeing as I recently reviewed his latest 2000 release. He achieved a fine creation in his Autumn Light CD that is a must have for melodic ambient fans but what of his older works? Read on. The title track is a 21:48 breathy, ethereal, sacred symphonic style of ascending, orchestral, dreamy synths (think Demby) laced with loops of and repeating patterns of various sounds (some synth- voice) droning and cycling all about � channel to channel � phased and flanged. Parts are very relaxing but the myriad embellishments serve to awaken any neurons that may have just reached "rest state". Next up is a short Vangelis sort of bouncy keys "horse gallop" paced, atop synthbeats, sequenced like a satellite beacon, and progressively more keys come a-dubbed to accent the lite amb jam. This reminds me of Vangelis' Direct meets T. Dream Optical Race. Melodic synth ear-candy and a brainy snack� of-fun, but not too deep on the inspirational level Darshan Ambient can create. "Infinite Space" weaves a 19:50 journey of at first space music synthscapes of extreme minimalism and builds very slowly into sequenced beats that are like a cosmic choo-choo train drifting past the Milky Way and eventually things become very Euro-dance techno-electronica. Groovy bass lines drift in too. This would be perfect for the "chill out" room's final track before jumping back into the dance groove zone. But for my overall beatless ambient tastes it distracts a bit. It is well done nonetheless. "Gently, Gently Away" is a strong foreshadowing of what is to come in later Darshan releases � a perfectly, perfectly, yes, perfectly splendid saunter of melodic ambience for 10:53 of bliss. String synths, harp-like voicings, electric piano sonorities melt away all stress and fill the soul with light and peace. A mournful solo synth flute/reed song drifts above it all like a bird crying across a lake of mists and morning calm. This is a wonderful outro to this strong release by Darshan Ambient. ~John W. Patterson Personnel: Darshan Ambient, (Michael Allison) - All synths Tracks: Skyful of Bliss, A Fragrant Snow, Infinite Space, Gently, Gently Away




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